MCpl M.T. Daigle, CD

    • MCpl M.T. Daigle, CD

    After 16 years of loyal service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, MCpl Matthew Daigle, CD will retire on 31 Aug 2021. Congratulatory messages and best wishes can be sent to MCpl J.A. Scott at

    After 16 years of service, MCpl Daigle will retire on 31 August 2021. Born in Vancouver, BC, MCpl Daigle enrolled in the CAF on 01 Sept 2005 as an Infanteer. He spent ten years with 2 PPCLI in Shilo, Manitoba, deployed to Kandahar as a platoon signaller in 2008. Also deployed to Kabul in 2013 as a driver/guardian angel for the command team at camp Blackhorse. He completed PLQ in 2014 and was promoted to MCpl shortly after course.

    In 2015, he re-mustered to Refrigeration and Mechanical Systems Technician and was sent to CFB Gagetown to complete his QL3. Upon completion he was posted to CFB Edmonton. After 3 years his apprenticeship was complete and he attended his QL5. On his QL5 he received top candidate, shortly after his course was promoted back to MCpl and posted to RPOU (O) Det Petawawa as the HVAC shop supervisor.

    MCpl Daigle will be spending his retirement in the Petawawa area to enjoy time with his family