MCpl Marc Barrette, CD

    MCpl Marc Barrette first joined the Canadian Forces in Quebec as a crew man in April 1982. His first posting was at Valcartier with 12RBC. In March to September 1983 he was deployed to Cyprus.

    In 1984 he was posted to the 1st Brigade in Germany with the Royal Canadian Dragoon armoured regiment until 1989. After his tour in Germany, he was posted back to Valcartier with 12RBC. In December 1989 he was promoted to MCpl.

    In October 1990 he was deployed to Cyprus for a second tour as a line NCO until April 1991.

    In August 1992 MCpl Barrette released from the Canadian Forces.

    In January 2000 he joined the Canadian Forces for the 2nd time as a Combat Engineer. He completed his basic training for the second time and his QL3 in Gagetown until September of that year.

    In September 2000, he was posted to Edmonton with 1CER until 2007. During that period of time he was deployed to Bosnia from March to September 2003. In October 2006 to March 2007 he was deployed to Afghanistan as a Det Commander of the Badger.

    In July 2007, MCpl Barrette was posted to CMTC in Wainwright. From July 2007 to June 2011 he worked for COEFOR in various roles.

    In July 2011 he started working for CE working different positions including Water treatment plant, Contracts and he finished his career at Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).