MCpl Don Marentette, CD

    MCpl Don Marentette will retire from the CF on 10 Aug 08 after 20 plus years of dedicated and loyal service.

    MCpl Marentette joined the CF on the 26th of July 1988. After completing Cornwallis and Infantry Battle School he was posted to 2 PPCLI Winnipeg. Don’s first 5 years were with the Infantry, serving with A, B, and C Rifle Companies and also with Recce platoon. During his time with the Patricias Don served two tours overseas, Cyprus in 1990 and Bosnia in 1992.

    He then remustered to Medic in September of 1993 and spent the next 10 years in Cold Lake, Edmonton and Borden. While employed as a Military medic he also worked as a civilian paramedic with the City of Edmonton, Cold Lake district and at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie Ont. While in Camp Borden he instructed at CFMSS, CFSAL, and CFNBCS. He also deployed with the NBC team to the G8 Summitt and also to the Summit of the Americas in Quebec.

    In Jun 2003 and after 2 trades Don finally saw the light and accepted a Fire Fighter position with the 17 Wing Fire Department. While in Winnipeg Don has always volunteered his vast knowledge and experience to work with the Canadian Red Cross and has become a regional EMR IT. Don, Sheila and the 4 kids plan to stay in Winnipeg. He will be working as a Fire Fighter at Southport Aerospace and maintain a small contracting business.

    Anecdotes, well wishes and congratulatory messages and e-mails can be sent to MWO Desruisseaux or Sgt McDonald R. at 17 Wing Winnipeg. All replies will be presented during a luncheon later on in July 08.