MCpl // Cplc Patrick Girard

    MCpl Girard enlisted in the Canadian Forces in 1985 as an infantryman at the Maisonneuve Regiment. On October 21, 1986, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy, serving on destroyers HMCS Mackenzie (DDE 261), HMCS Yukon (DDE 263) and frigate HMCS Vancouver (FFH 331) with a total of 781 days at sea granting him the Bronze Sea Service Insignia. In 1992, he decided to return to the school benches to become a plumber and then he completed his commercial pilot license.

    In 1996, he returned to sea with the frigate HMCS Vancouver. 2001, he became a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, as a firefighter. Following his graduation from the Canadian Forces Firefighter Academy, he moved his family back to British Columbia, but to Comox this time. In 2004, he deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Athena. In 2005, assigned to BFC Trenton to the joint CBRN intervention unit where his plumbing talents earned him a CANSOFCOM Commendation. When assigned to the decontamination detachment, one of his projects was to design and create a lightweight, deployable and easy to use shower. In 2007, he was promoted to MCpl and moved to Ottawa and was assigned to fire prevention office. In 2009, he completed a second rotation in Afghanistan. A posting to Bagotville in 2011 marked his return to a fire hall.

    On November 2, MCpl Girard will turn his back on a long career of more than 25 years in the Canadian Forces that brought him to travel all over the world. Patrick, his boy Keanu and his fiancé Carine have decided to stay in Shipshaw. For those who know him well, he has 100,000 projects in the lead around the house.