MCpl Brent Ward, CD

    MCpl Ward will be retiring after 23 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces and Canada.

    MCpl Ward joined the Canadian Forces on 01 Feb 1983. He then went of to Cornwallis, NS for his recruit training. Thereafter, he was off to CFB Borden to become a Supply Technician. His Supply Technician training and knowledge provided postings to; Edmonton, Holdberg, Gander and Calgary.

    Changing trades in September 2001, he entered the halls of CFSME to become a Construction Technician. After his TQ3 he remained in Gagetown with 4 ESR. He later returned to CFSME where he completed his TQ5 course. In 2007 he was posted to 1 ESU, Moncton NB.

    Brent will retire from the CF, which he has served with great pride, and will be returning to the Oromocto area where his family currently resides. A retirement function will be held at a later date, to be determined. Congratulatory messages, anecdotes and well wishes are welcome and can be forwarded, via email, to the POC, Sgt Trottier, , or faxed to (506) 422-1212.