MCpl Anthony Graham, CD

    • MCpl Anthony Graham, CD

    After more than 22 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, MCpl Anthony Graham, CD will retire 13 Apr 2017.  A Depart with Dignity Ceremony will take place at the Oak and Barrel Restaurant, Greenwood N.S. , 7 Apr 2017.  Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 4 Apr 2017.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI by e-mail.

    OPI:  , WO MacDonald  or by phone at 902-760-2271.

    MCpl Graham joined the CAF on the 13 Jul 1994 as a Combat Engineer severing with the 41st Combat Engineering Regiment Detachment Calgary Alberta. His time with the 41 CER saw him involved in many training courses and exercises within the unit and across Canada. In Sep 2002 MCpl Graham deployed to OP PALLADIUM where he receive both the NATO Former Yugoslavia and the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal.

    After a diverse career with 41 CER, Anthony decided to join the Reg Force as an EGS Tech completing the transfer on the 10 Aug 2005. After completing the TQ3 Apprenticeship Course at CFSME Gagetown he was posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake, during his time there he deployed to CFS Alert in 2008 as a Light and Power Plant Operator. In 2011 MCpl Graham completed his TQ5 EGS Journeyman course and received a posting to 1 CER Edmonton in Mar 2012.

    Throughout MCpl Graham’s stent at 1 CER he was employed as an EGS section member and a section 2 I/C. He was involved in many training courses and exercises within the unit and across Canada, especially those in Wainwright Alberta. After three years at 1 CER it was time to move on and Anthony was promoted to MCpl and posted to 14 Wing Greenwood in 2015.

    While in Greenwood MCpl Graham was employed within 14 WCE as the EGS section 2 I/C and I/C primarily responsible for looking after the welfare and training of his section members while ensuring the Wing’s Automatic Power Units and Uninterruptable Power Systems met the Wing’s Operational requirements.

    In 2017 the medical world decided that it was time for him to release after 22+ years of service to his country. Anthony plans on moving back to Alberta with his spouse Leanne to be close to his children, their friends and extended family.