MCpl Andrew Moriarty

    • MCpl Andrew Moriarty
    MCpl Moriarty enrolled in the Canadian Forces on 02 Jun 2006 in Kingston, Ontario as a member of the Princess of Whales Own Regiment. During his time as a reservist, he took a Class B contract up at 2 Svc Bn at CFB Petawawa as the BN Information Systems Technician. In June 2008, he was promoted to the rank of Cpl. During his Class B Contract at 2 Svc Bn, he CT’d to Regular Force Infantry. After completing Battle School at CFB Wainwright, he was post to 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment as a member of November Coy. While with the infantry, he was deployed to Huntsville, Ontario as part of the security force for the G8 Summit in 2010.
    In January, 2009 MCpl Moriarty then OT’d from Infantry to Refrigeration and Mechanical Systems Technician. He completed his QL3 course in May, 2011 in Shearwater, NS and was then posted from CFB Petawawa to CFB Trenton in June, 2011.
    While posted to CFB Trenton, he worked mainly on the Aircraft Arresting Systems (AAS), and saw many deployments across Canada. He was sent to CFS Alert to overhaul one of the mechanical rooms, and ductwork through-out one of the wings in the building. He was deployment on numerous airshows including Rocky Mountain House, AB, Bromont, QC, Lethbridge, AB, and various other locations in support of the Airshows for the Aircraft Arresting Systems. MCpl Moriarty was also sent up to FOL Inuvik to install/ maintain the AAS in that location for periods of time. He also spent time in CFB Comox, Cold Lake, Bagotville and Greenwood for taskings relating to AAS.
    In March, 2014, he attended his QL5 course at CFSME in CFB Gagetown. Following his course, MCpl Moriarty was deployed to OS HUB Kuwait in September, 2014 until March, 2015 where he received the GSM- EXP medal for his time over there. Upon return to Canada, MCpl Moriarty was posted to 5 RGC, Valcartier.
    Since being at 5 RGC, MCpl Moriarty was deployed on the TAT for OP Unifier in the Ukraine in August 2015- September, 2015 and then once again for a TAV in November, 2015. On 18 Dec 2015, MCpl Moriarty was promoted to his current rank. In the New Year, MCpl Moriarty completed his PLQ at CFB Borden at the RCAF Academy.

    MCpl Andrew Moriarty will be releasing on the 1st of July 2016 after serving 10+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF and the Engineer Branch. – See attached bio. He plans on moving home to Newfoundland, where he is going to be pursuing a job as a Correctional Officer for the city of St. Johns.

    MCpl Moriarty has requested a small private Depart With Dignity function to be held at the Construction Engineering Troop at 5RGC Valcartier, however anecdotes and messages can be sent to WO David Fisher