MCpl Alain Germain, CD

    MCpl Germain will retire from the CF on 7 November 2008 after 20 years of loyal and dedicated service.

    MCpl Germain joined the CF on the 9 February 1984. After completing Cornwallis and RCA Battle School, he was posted to 1 RCHA Lahr Germany. Alain's first six years were with the Artillery; he then released from 1 RCHA in January 1990, and played Professional Hockey in Germany while working on the base at the arena as a PSP staff.

    He rejoined the CF on the 24 October 1994, putting him back to the Army life and went to PPCLI Battle School. Shortly after he was posted to 2 PPCLI in Winnipeg. The next seven years were with the Infantry, serving with A and Adm companies. During this time with the Patricia's, Al served two tours overseas, Visoko and Bosnia in 1997 and 2000.

    In January 2002, Al finally saw the light and accepted a fire fighter position. He completed his OJT with 17 Wing Fire Department. He was off to CFFA for his QL 3 then posted to CFB Trenton on May 2002. He spent three years at the Fire Hall then he got moved across the road to the CFJNBCD Coy for two years. Because his spouse, Tracey, is from Winnipeg Alain took the opportunity to move back to sunny Manitoba in July 2007.

    Alain has three daughters, Candace, Natasha, Brittany, with a new addition, a granddaughter named Shea Lynn born 5 September 2008 at 2320 hours.

    Alain and Tracey are very proud grandparents and very proud of their daughters’ accomplishments. He will start his second career shortly as a Fire Fighter at Southport Aerospace.

    Anecdotes, well wishes, congratulatory messages, and E-mails can be sent to MWO J.P.G. Desruisseaux or Sgt D. Matthews at 17 Wing, Winnipeg. All replies will be presented to Alain during a luncheon to be held later in October 2008