MGen John Arthur Stewart CD, DEng, P Eng (Ret'd) - October 1994 – October 1997

Major-General J.A. Stewart, CD

Major-General Stewart is a native of Montreal, QC. He enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1949 and attended Royal Roads Military College, Victoria, Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont and Queen's University, Kingston where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering in 1954. Following flying training, he flew as an instructor at CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He transferred to the Construction Engineering Branch and was assigned to 2 Construction Maintenance Unit in Calgary, Alberta. In 1959, he returned to the Royal Military College to serve three years as a lecturer and, at the same time, completed his Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering at Queen's University.

Between 1962 and 1973 Major-General Stewart served in several engineering and staff positions, including ones in the Canadian Air Division, Germany and the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Belgium. He attended the Canadian Army Staff College in 1966-67 and later the National Defence College in 1973-74. Promoted to Colonel in 1973 he became the Director of Construction Engineering Control at National Defence Headquarters in 1974 and later was assigned to Air Command Headquarters as Deputy Chief of Staff Military Engineering. On promotion to Brigadier-General in 1978 he was named the Director General Quartering at National Defence Headquarters. In 1980 he was appointed Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada.

In 1982 Major-General Stewart was appointed Chief of Construction and Properties. He retired from the Canadian Forces in 1986 and is now the President of Guider Corporation. Major-General Stewart is a past president of the Royal Military College Club of Canada and a Director of other military associations. In 1992 the Royal Military College of Canada conferred upon Major-General Stewart the Honorary Degree Doctor of Engineering.

Major-General Stewart sadly passed away on 23 August 2015.