Major D.S. Groves, MMM, CD

    • Major D.S. Groves, MMM, CD

    Major Shawn Groves enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in May 1984, and upon completion of Basic Training in Cornwallis and subsequent QL3 training at CFB Chilliwack was posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, as member of 1 Troop, AKA the “other Troop” of 23 Field Sqn. As a Corporal he was posted to 22 Field Squadron, and then upon being promoted Sergeant returned to 1 Troop, 23 Field Squadron as a Section Commander and then as Recce Sergeant, 4 Troop, 24 Field Squadron. Major Groves would finish his time in 2 Combat Engineer Regiment as 2 Troop Warrant Officer before being posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, “The School”.

    While at “The School” Major Groves was the inaugural Sergeant Major Army Diving in the Army Dive Centre and also Sergeant Major Tactics. It was as SM Tactics that Major Groves was lured to the dark-side and commissioned to the rank of Captain. As Captain Groves, he served as an exchange officer with Royal Engineers. On promotion to Major he had the privilege to command 41 Support Squadron, and subsequently as the Deputy Commanding Officer of 4 Engineer Support Regiment. Major Groves is currently in Kingston as the Commanding Officer 1st Canadian Division Headquarters. Highlights and the ``fondest`` memories of his career are centred around; being a member of Dan Hartford`s section, the Command Post Corporal for Dick Green and Moe Kennedy, the Recce Driver for Chris "Rat" Raymond, Gary Foley and Earl Butt, Section 2ic for Paul Hartinger, a section commander under Bill "Spider" Moore, Kevin Patterson and subsequently John Clarke, 4 Troop Recce Sergeant with Don Hilton and Bud Ellis, Troop WO in then Major "The Dark Lord" McQuillan`s Squadron, Bridging Cell Supervisor for Claude Many, a Squadron Commander under Derek Basinger and then Jim Goodman’s Deputy. Honourable mention to those that shaped and influenced his career also needs to go to Steve Laplante, Jim Wall, Dave McCracken, Steve Mears, Ed Izatt, Joel Dooley, Steve Madore, Jeff Wight, Rod Keller, Al Fitzgerald, Al Poston, Paul Burke, Trevor Webb, Steve Noonan, Mark Misener, Greg Lacroix, Mike Lacharite, Brad Montgomery, Terry Evoy, John Butler, Wayne Ford, Dana Woodworth, Shawn Croucher, Chris Ayotte, Mike Thompson, Roger Dewland, and Willy Williamson….he`s certain there are others but sadly is constrained to one page.

    Over the span of his career Major Groves completed several operational tours and deployments, the most unique being a tour in Cambodia as a technical advisor for the Cambodian Mine Action Center. Among several decorations and commendations Major Groves was awarded over his career is a Mention in Dispatches for his actions in Somalia, and a Commander’s Commendation for his role in the Army’s response to hurricane Igor’s impact on Newfoundland. Major Groves was recently inducted into the Order of Military Merit.

    Major Groves is seeking and developing opportunities in the private sector, and for the interim he and his wife Christine, and their children, will remain in the Kingston area.