Major A.J. (Tony) Ament, CD

    Maj Tony Ament, CD will retire on 4 August 2014 after 35 years of loyal and dedicated service with the CME Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces. See bio attached. Friends and colleagues are welcome to attend the Depart with Dignity ceremony, which will be held at Aaltos Garden Café, Canad Inns Polo Park, Winnipeg on Tue 24 Jun from 1200 to 1300hrs. Please confirm your attendance and/or send congratulatory messages or anecdotes to Capt Kent Arnott, CAOC CE Msn Sp at before 20 Jun 2014.

    Major Tony Ament enrolled in the Regular Force ROTP program in September, 1974. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in London with a Civil Engineering degree in 1979.

    After phase training, Tony was posted to 1 Construction Engineering Unit (1 CEU) in Winnipeg. As a junior project officer he carried out engineering studies and construction projects throughout Canada and in Germany. He also deployed to CFS Alert for three successive summers completing the Operations building and starting the HAPS building and the water treatment bldg.

    In 1983, he was posted to the CE section of CFB Baden Soellingen where he enjoyed the beautiful German country and culture. From there he attended Royal Military College and earned a Master of Structural Engineering degree in 1987. He was then fortunate enough to be posted to Nottingham, UK, where he served with the sister Unit of 1 CEU, Military Works Force of the Royal Engineers. While there he deployed to numerous worldwide locations such as Kenya, Denmark, Norway, Germany and within the UK carrying out many engineering studies. He then went back to 1 CEU in 1990 and served as the Design Manager for the North American Air Defence Modernization Program, which replaced the DEW line with the current Long and Short Range Radar stations in Canada’s arctic.

    As a member of 1 CEU, he participated in the first Gulf War as part of Op Friction deploying to Bahrain and carried out a structural assessment and NBCW survivability study of the Canadian Contingent HQ facilities.

    In 1992, Tony deployed to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia as part of the UN mission UNPROFOR for 12 months and served as the Sector East Engineer. For his extraordinary dedication and leadership under difficult and hazardous conditions, Tony was awarded a CDS Commendation. Upon his return to Canada, he was posted to Air Command HQ in Winnipeg as the Command CE Ops Officer. In 1994, he was posted to the combined Canadian Joint Force HQ and the 1st Canadian Division HQ in Kingston as the Aircom Engineer.

    Tony’s first attempt as a civilian occurred in 1996 when he retired from the Forces and worked in Saskatchewan and Manitoba as the Engineering and Construction Manager of a Pre-Cast Concrete Company. But by 2002, he once again felt the pull of the Forces and re-enrolled as an Airfield Engineer in the now called 1 Canadian Air Division. For the next four years he served in various positions within A4 AE.

    From Dec 2006 to May 2007 he deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan and worked in ISAF HQs as the CJ4 Engr Infra. From 2007 to 2010 he was posted to the CF School of Aerospace Studies (CFSAS) where he held numerous positions including the Deputy Commandant. In 2010, he returned to Afghanistan, this time to Kandahar where he served in the NATO COMKAF HQ. He served eight months and received the Joint Task Force Commander’s Commendation for his work as the NATO Base Engineer of Kandahar Airfield. One of his responsibilities as the Base Engineer was the infamous Poo Pond. By the time he left Kandahar a new wastewater sewage treatment system was well under construction and scheduled for commissioning before the end of 2012.

    After 35 years of service, Maj Tony Ament will attempt civilian life again by retiring from the Canadian Forces and his position within 1 CAD HQ as the CAOC Msn Sp CE Officer effective 4 August 2014.

    Tony is married to the former Donna Louise Williams and has four children Lisa, Jennifer, Katherine and Robert. He will retire and live in Toronto, Ontario.

    A retirement function is scheduled for 24 June 14 at the Canad Inns Winnipeg for 1200 hrs. Well wishes, amusing stories and your intended attendance can be forwarded to Capt Kent Arnott. (