Maj Y Tardif, MSM, CD

    • Maj Y Tardif, MSM, CD

    After more than 28 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Maj Yanick Tardif retired on 07 December 2020. Due to the current situation, a DWD gathering is not permitted. Congratulatory messages, anecdotes, and best wishes may be sent to LCdr A. Davies at


    Major Yanick Tardif joined the Canadian Forces in 1992, completing a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at CMR St-Jean and RMC Kingston and was commissioned 1997. He completed two deployments to Afghanistan, in 2005 as Deputy Task Force Engineer for the construction of Canadian infrastructure in Kandahar in advance to the move of from Kabul and then again in 2009 as officer commanding 53 Counter-IED Squadron.

    He was first posted to 5 Regiment du Génie de Combat (5 Combat Engineer Regiment) Valcartier in 1997, upon completion of phase training he was employed as a troop commander and had the chance to complete the Combat Diver course and be the unit dive officer.

    He was promoted to Captain in 2000, which coincided with the completion of his first Regimental tour upon which he was posted as Reserve Support Staff to 3 Field Engineer Regiment in Montreal (now 34 CER), serving as Operations Officer and Adjutant (and Pay Officer, Logistics Officer, Recruiting Officer, Unit Security Officer…). In 2003 he was posted to Joint Headquarters Kingston where he took the Engineer Ops and Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) Engineer positions and subsequently the Engineer Intelligence and then Engineer Plans positions. In 2005 he moved to New-Brunswick to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineer as a Tactics Instructor and took on being Course Officer few Phase 3s and Phase 4s while rewriting multiple training plans and being the de-facto translator for the School.

    He was promoted to his current rank in 2008 and returned to 5 RGC for a second Regimental tour as OC 53 Combat Engineer Squadron where he plunged straight into pre-deployment training for Afghanistan with the squadron being assigned the C-IED role. Upon his return at the end of 2009 he was home for three weeks before going OUTCAN to a posting in Washington, DC to serve in the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) in the Operations division where he was awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal for his work.

    He returned to Canada in the summer of 2012 and was assigned to the Canadian Army HQ, Joint Counter-Explosive Threat Task Force (JCET TF) in the Attack the Network, and then posted to CJOC Joint Engineers in July 2015 but quickly got tasked to take on different duties as CJOC Defence Security Officer to coordinate with Director General Defence Security (DGDS). After slightly less than a year, he was posted again to Canadian Forces Intelligence Command within the Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence as the Engineer and IED Technical Analyst. He spent three years in that position while at the same time having the opportunity to be acting branch lead for a period of almost six months. In 2019 he transitioned to new functions within DSTI and has really enjoyed the challenges that these new functions bring. Yanick is retiring as of 07 December and will be taking a civilian position as an ENG-04 within DND starting the next day where he plans to stay until his second retirement.

    He is married to Australian born Megan Norman, whom he met during a vacation trip there. They have two willful sons, Jacques Olivier, 13 and Sebastien, 10 that are keeping them both busy and active. He is an amateur cyclist and swimmer and, on my more geeky side, likes to read on geopolitical issues, finance / business and science-fiction and like to relax playing computer games.

    Due to COVID-19, there is no planned formal DWD but you are encouraged to send well wishes, anecdotes and embarrassing stories to LCdr Andrew Davies (