Maj T.G. Whiting, CD

    • Maj T.G. Whiting, CD

    After more than 35 years of service in the CAF, Major Tim Whiting, a native of Calgary, Alberta, retired on 1 August 2013. Maj Whiting, a graduate of RMCC Kingston first enrolled in the CAF in the RCN as a MARS officer, but after a summer of phase training in Victoria (including a very rough passage from Esquimalt to Juneau, Alaska), he quickly discovered that it would be impossible to use a Civil Engineering degree as a Deck Officer. With good fortune, and the intervention of Dr. Wayne Kirk (former Civil Engineering Dept Head at RMCC), Tim was able to reclassify to MILE. Maj Whiting's postings over more than 28 years of service in the RegF have included CFB Portage la Prairie (as Requirements Officer), CFOCS Chilliwack (as Platoon and Standards staff), DCER Ottawa (as an SOR writer), 17 Wing Winnipeg CE (as Engineering Officer), UNDOF Golan Heights (as the FCEO), 15 Wing Moose Jaw (as the WCEO), J3 Engr Ottawa (as an Engineer Ops Desk O and Project Director for Force Protection Engineering), and the CF Transformation Team Ottawa. Thanks to Maj (Retd) Dave Waller and LCol (Retd) JoJo Mansfield, Tim was very fortunate to continue his military service in the Primary Reserve with the C-IED Task Force/CFEOD in Ottawa, principally as the doctrine writer for EOD and C-IED, and as the Coordinator for the TF (massive thanks to Col now BGen Omer Lavoie, the first Comd of the C-IED TF, for allowing Maj Whiting to work remotely from Calgary for the last 3+ years of this Class B contract so that he could concurrently care for his mother who was battling Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Tim finally retired while in Calgary to continue caring full time for his mother, who sadly passed away on 1 April 2014. Maj Whiting wishes to express his sincere gratitude and respect to all of the officers, senior and junior NCMs, and public servants for their support and comradeship over the past many years. He is not currently pursuing employment, but he hopes to look into volunteer opportunities in the local community. CHIMO!