Maj T.G. Friesen, CD

    • Maj T.G. Friesen, CD

    Maj Trevor Friesen, CD retired from the Canadian Armed Forces on 19 October 2016, after more than 21 years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch. (please see bio attached).   A ceremony will be held Friday, 9 Jun 2017 at the Edmonton Officers Mess (EGOM), at 1400 hrs. Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to Capt Fred Guay<>

    I joined the profession-of-arms on 19 June1995. Like many others I signed up fresh out of high school, a wide-eyed, impressionable youth looking for an adventure, a challenge, and something different than the standard path my friends were taking. Over the course of the next 21-years, my career as a Military Engineer was blessed with opportunities to work with and lead some of the most outstanding professionals from around the world, providing me with experiences and memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

    What modest success I did manage to achieve was always the result of two things: the first was the amazing quality of those who supported and worked with me - there are far too many to name individually, but please know that if we soldiered together, whether it was overseas, on a field training exercise, or in garrison that I am grateful and appreciative of everything you contributed to my life as a sapper. Whether you were a mentor, a peer, or a subordinate you put service before self and helped shape my career and my character, providing support, challenges, and opportunities along the way. The second was my ability to make non-Engineers believe I knew what I was doing, which was only possible thanks to the hard work of the people in the first group.

    Of course, I will always look back on my time with the military with fondness and will think often of friends and fallen comrades. Unit events, whether they were short-notice beer calls, BBQs, large scale smokers to mark the end of a long and challenging exercise, or formal dinners and parties at the mess and for Christmas, the opportunity to celebrate and socialize with friends and the greater Engineer family were always a good time. Mika, as well, will miss TGIFs and social events. And for those of you who received a 'Japanese Handshake', or had a folded paper or napkin ninja star thrown at you, or still have half empty bottles of Malibu in your house from her participation at various functions ... you're welcome and I apologize, but really you should have known it was coming; it's Mika.

    I retired from the military last summer (and am finally getting around to this biography thing just now) remaining in the Edmonton area where Mika, Saya, Hayato, and I have started to put down roots and become a more permanent part of the local community, rather than the national/global family that is the CAF. This has allowed us to be more active and involved in the neighbourhood and kids' activities. We have joined community leagues, volunteered to coach kids’ sports teams, and started making long term plans which were not previously possible. Going forward, I will continue to support the local Engineer community and will always be available to catch up with those in the Edmonton area or to help out a sapper or any other current or former service member. So feel free to call or drop by for a Drambuie, a Scotch, a Rusty Nail (do you see the pattern yet?) some reminiscing and lies, or even serious discussion if necessary.

    May our bridges always stand, our charges never fail, our members be ever loyal, and our officers worthy of their loyalty. May we work diligently in all our purposes and be skilled in our trades.