Maj Serge Tremblay, CD

    Serge enlisted in the Canadian Forces as an officer-cadet on 24 June 1989. After completing his high school studies at École Secondaire Thériault, he left Timmins, Ontario to complete his Basic Officer Training Course as a recruit in Chilliwack, British Columbia. After completing this training, Serge was posted to Kingston, Ontario to pursue his post-secondary education at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). After four years, he completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), and left RMC in 1993 to return to Chilliwack as a second-lieutenant.

    After completing his military training as a Combat Engineer in 1994, Serge was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment in Petawawa, Ontario. During his Regimental tour, he filled many junior officer positions, notably Field Troop Commander and Support Squadron Second-in-Command.

    In June 1996, Serge got married to Jennifer (née Coleman), was promoted to the rank of Captain, and was posted to Ottawa to take over the position of the Regular Force Cadre officer in 3 Field Engineer Squadron (3 FES), a Primary Reserve unit. For the next four years, Serge worked as the unit’s Adjutant and Operations Officer. His tour with 3 FES was highlighted with the unit’s deployment to assist the City of Ottawa and surrounding communities in response to the 1998 Ice Storm.

    In 2000, Serge was posted to the Land Staff as a construction Project Director – this marked the beginning of his specialization in infrastructure and Real Property. While there, Serge was selected to pursue graduate studies. He returned to Kingston in 2002 and for the following two years he was a student at Queen’s University, studying at the School of Urban and Regional Planning where he completed a Master’s degree in urban planning.

    Serge returned to the Land Staff in 2004 to take over the position of Business Planner and Financial Manager for the Army’s operational construction program. In 2007, Serge was promoted to the rank of major and was deployed to operations in Afghanistan for seven months. During his mission, Serge worked within ISAF’s Regional Command (South) Headquarters under Dutch and British command as the Operations Officer for the newly-created Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) branch. For his efforts overseas, Serge was awarded the United States Army Commendation Medal. Serge continued his efforts in C-IED upon his return to Canada for the following year as a staff officer within the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command Headquarters in Ottawa.

    In 2008, Serge was posted for the last time. He joined the Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure & Environment) as a Strategic Realty Asset Project Manager under the Director Realty Asset Plans 5.

    Serge will be releasing from the Canadian Forces on 12 July 2009. He will begin his transition to his second career within the Federal Public Service on 25 May 2009 during his retirement leave. He will be taking the position of Realty Asset Management Engineer with the Canadian Forces Housing Agency.

    Serge lives in Orleans with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters, Brianna (10) and Rebecca (7).