Maj Roger McDonald, CD

    Major McDonald started his service as a member of the Princess Louise’s Fusiliers (PLF) in Halifax, NS in April 1983. During his time with the PLF he attended various PRes training courses such as basic infantry, communication course, driver wheel and 81 mm mortar. He also was part of two overseas taskings to Germany on FALLEX ’84 and ’85, a “Class B”call out to the Infantry School from Jan – Jul ’85, CFB Gagetown and then finally as range control staff in Aldershot , NS from May – Aug ’86.

    On 26 Aug he did a component transfer from the PRes to the Regular Force and reported to Cornwallis 06 Sept 86. The adventure began.

    Between completion of basic training and QL 3 courses there was a two month period where on completion of basic training, Spr McDonald, and 8 fellow graduates were tasked to Borden, On to work in the CE section as a GD .

    On completion of the QL 3 course in Chilliwack, he then spent the next two years, May 1987 – Jul 1989, in 22 Field Squadron, CFB Gagetown where he further honed his basic combat engineer skills. In Jul 1989 Spr McDonald was posted across the pond to 4 CER, where he was a member of Resources Troop as a Water Supply Section member and then into 2 Troop. As Recce Driver for the 2 Troop Recce Sgt,, he deployed with the R22eR Battle Group to Croatia on Op Harmony from Apr – Oct ‘ 92.

    On return to Canada in Jul 1993 Cpl McDonald was posted to the newly established 4 ESR. As an NCM, he remained a member of 4 ESR until Oct 2001 and held positions from Section Driver to Field Troop Recce Sgt to Resource Tp WO. During his time with 4 ESR, he deployed once again to Croatia on OP HARMONY in 94 to assist 1 CER with mine clearance operations and to Eritrea as the Recce Sgt from Dec 2000 – Jun 2001 as part of the RCR Battle Group. He also was involved on several domestic operations in Aug 93 the Reg't was called upon to provide aid to the civil authorities in the Quebec/ Edmunston NB area, searching for a downed helicopter, then OP ASSISTANCE (May - Jun 97), Red River Flood, OP RECUPERATION (Jan - Feb 98), Quebec ice storm, OP PARASOL (Apr 99), support to the Red Cross, establishment of a Kosovar Refugee Camp in CFB Gagetown.

    In Oct 2001 Maj McDonald was commissioned under the CFR program and began his career as an officer. He was once again posted back to 4 ESR and was employed as a Field Troop Commander, Reg’t Ops O and OC 48 Adm Sqn. In Jul 2006 he was then sent out west to get his western exposure. While in LFWA Maj McDonald has held the Engr Ops position (LFWA HQ), the Realty Management 2 (ASG HQ), the Requirements Officer (ASU Edmonton) and the D Engr (LFWA HQ).

    Roger, his wife Gail, and their three children, Ryan 19, Nicolas 15, and Courtney 11, plan on staying in Edmonton area. On 27 April, Roger officially handed in his ID card and on 30 April reported to Defence Construction Canada Regional Office to commence his new career as the Manager of Real Property Management Services.