Maj Rick Dunning, CD

    • Maj Rick Dunning, CD

    Maj Rick Dunning, CD will retire on 07 Sept 2016 after serving 35 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF, CME Branch and the NDFS. - See attached bio.

     A DWD ceremony will take place on 03 June 2016 at the HMCS Bytown Wardroom, 78 Lisgar Street, Ottawa. Start time 1200 hrs. Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 27 May. Cost for luncheon will be sent soon. MTF OPI: Capt Ovidiu Anca by email or by phone 613-995-2964. Messages, anecdotes or photos can be sent to>

    After 35 years it is time for me to leave the Canadian Armed Forces. I joined in 1981 as a Combat Engineer and was immediately posted to the Special Service Force in Petawawa as a Sapper in 2CER. There I earned my jump wings and became a member of the Airborne Battle Group, 2 Troop 2 CER. I thoroughly enjoyed life as a Combat Engineer but realized that attaining a trade would provide greater long term stability for my family. So in 1986 I became a military firefighter and was posted to CFB Trenton.>>

    After a few years in Trenton I was posted to the Canadian Forces Fire Academy and taught firefighting for the next four years…it was great fun and I had the opportunity to meet many exceptional firefighters. Next I was posted to CFB Cold Lake and delved into the fighter jet protection aspect our trade…again it was an amazing experience. During that posting I lead a team of firefighters during a Readiness Challenge competition, and was deployed to Haiti for a six month tour.>>

    My next posting, in 1997, was to HMCS IROQUOIS as the Senior Firefighter on the east coast. During that posting I spent 389 days at sea in a 2 1/2 year period. It was during this period that I was offered a commission and sent off to St Jean and Gagetown after which I was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood. There, I assumed both CE and fire protection roles, and deployed to the Middle East and South Sudan in separate>>

    In 2007 I was posted to Ottawa and spent the next 2 1/2 years working with the Canadian Forces Fire Marshal’s office, and was able to attain a BA through RMC. In 2009 I was posted to Winnipeg as the RCAF Fire Marshal. This position proved to be both exciting and challenging as the National Defense Fire Service experienced its highest operational tempo since WWII. During this same period I attained a Master’s Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management through Royal Roads University.>>

    In 2013, I returned back to the CFFMs office in Ottawa. Shortly after arriving I deployed to CFS ALERT as the Commanding Officer. I thoroughly enjoyed the deployment and had the opportunity to meet and work with many outstanding Canadians who passed through this northern station. Upon completion of my time in ALERT I returned back to the CFFM’s office.>>

    On the 6 Jun 16, I will commence civilian life as the Director for Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Management within the government of Ontario. My incredible wife, Colleen, and I will remain in Ottawa close to our many family and friends. To all of you reading this I wish success and good wishes in all your endeavours, and always be proud of what it is you do for our amazing>>