Maj Pierre Muscat-Drago, CD

    • Maj Pierre Muscat-Drago, CD

    After 12+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Maj P.D. Muscat-Drago, CD (see bio attached) will retire on the 26 of January 2018.
    A Depart with Dignity ceremony will take place on Thursday 25 of January 2018, from 1400hrs to 1600hrs, at the Ottawa RCAF Officers Mess.
    Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to Maj Tremblay,<>, 613-995-9953

    Major Pierre Muscat-Drago joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2005 where he attended the Royal Military College, graduating with a degree in civil engineering. After completing his phase training at CFSME in Gagetown in 2010, he was posted to 86 ASU as the Flight Commander at 8 Wing Trenton, tasked with constructing expedient RCAF infrastructure for Op CADENCE in support of the 2010 G8 and G20 Summits. Following the Summits, he was transferred to the 8 Wing Fire Department where he began 10 months of training (OJT and senior firefighter courses) to become a Fire Service Officer, taking over as the Wing Fire Chief in 2011. He was advanced promoted into this position to the rank of Captain.

    In 2012, Major Muscat-Drago was posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake, where he was Wing Fire Chief for a second fire department and he was subsequently given the responsibility to hold the position of Requirements Officer for Construction Engineering.

    In 2014, he was posted the Canadian Forces Fire & CBRN Academy (CFFCA) where he assumed the role of Chief Instructor, overcoming many training challenges including the loss of a critical ARFF trainer and the training realignment. He was promoted to the rank of Major near the end of his tenure.

    In 2016, Major Muscat-Drago was posted to RP Ops HQ, in Ottawa, where he was first tasked to work with ADM(IE)’s DRMIS integration, followed by an assignment with the Canadian Forces Fire Marshal, conducting the occupation’s functional analysis.

    After four years of distance learning, he completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) through Athabasca University in 2017.

    Following his release from the CAF, Major Muscat-Drago will assume a position with Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service, allowing him to pursue his lifelong passion for firefighting.