Maj Marcel Meunier, CD

    • Maj Marcel Meunier, CD

    Born in Newport, Quebec, Marcel grew up on a small village in Gaspe, QC. He enrolled in the Canadian Forces on 27 Jun 1975. Following his basic and second language training in StJean Montreal, he completed his QL 3 training at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in Chilliwack. Spr Meunier was then posted to the 5 Regiment Génie de Combat at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier until 1980. With a promotion to Cpl, Marcel, his wife Lise and their 4 months son Yan were then posted to 4 Combat Engineer Regiment in Lahr Germany; where he served as member of 2 tp and later employed as Recce Sgt for the AVLB Tp.

    In July 1985, Sgt Meunier with is family plus one addition, his second son Steve, were then posted back to 5 RGC. While serving with 51 Field Squadron, he deployed to Norway as 2 Tp Recce on a combined 5 Brigade exercise. Promoted to Warrant Officer in Jul 1988, he was appointed 2 Tp Warrant Officer.

    In July 1990 WO Meunier was posted to Dundurn Sask as the Det Warrant Officer. He was also employed as the Range Control Officer, Operation Officer, Mess PMC for 2 years, Deputy Mayer for 2 years and President of the Royal Dundurn Golf crse for 3 years.

    In spring of 1993 WO Meunier was posted to CFSME in Chilliwack to be employed in METS as the Mgmt Instr and then Bridging Sect Supr. In 1997 promoted to MWO he help moved CFSME to CFB Gagetown where he was employed as the BRWR tp Supr until Jun 1999.

    In Jun 1999 he deployed to Cambodia for 12 months with Cambodia Mine Action Center where he was employed as Technical Adviser. Upon his return, MWO Meunier was posted to 4 ESR as the SSM for 45 and then 41 sqn and he also deployed to Asmara, Eritrea Roto 0.

    In Oct 2002 MWO Meunier saw the light and took his commission. Demoted to the rank of Captain, he was posted back to CFSME as Flt Comd with CETS and then as FESO. In Dec 2006, Capt Meunier deployed to SUDAN as a UN Military Observer. In 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Major and appointed OC STDS until retirement.

    Major Meunier and his wife Lise, have no plans to stick around as they will travel througout the continent for the next 2 years. Then, they may decide to settle down somewhere but they don’t know where yet. He will be transferring to the Supplementary Ready Reserve with the possibility of Class B.