Maj Louis Haeck, CD

    • Maj Louis Haeck, CD

    Born in Laval, Quebec in 1951, Major Haeck spent his childhood in the Montreal region where he completed his primary and secondary school studies. In 1965, Major Haeck joined the RCAC 2617, where he attended the national leadership camp in Banff, Alberta. Shortly thereafter, he was accepted to the prestigious Jean-de- Brébeuf College, where he completed his CEGEP studies. During this period, Major Haeck enlisted in the reserves as a rifleman with the Régiment de Maisonneuve where he was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 1968.

    Major Haeck was promoted to the rank of Officer Cadet following his CEGEP studies and rose to the rank of Second-Lieutenant shortly thereafter. In 1970, he transferred to the Royal Montreal Regiment where he was promoted to Lieutenant and given command of a rifle platoon. In 1974, Major Hacek completed his undergraduate degree in Law and transferred to 51 Service Battalion as a Captain where he took command of the logistics company. In 1981, he completed his Master’s degree in Law and was promoted to the rank of Major in 438 Squadron in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he took on the role of a staff officer within their higher headquarters until 1989. Also in 1989, Major Haeck completed his Doctorate of Law from McGill and joined the ranks of the Canadian Space Agency as a liaison officer. He was assigned as a member of the legal commission for the International Confederation of Reserve Officers (ICRO) from 1995 to 1998 in Brussels, Belgium. Major Haeck taught for many years at several allied military academies as a professor in strategic studies. These academies included, The Royal Military College of Canada, Westpoint, the USAF Academy in Colorado and NORAD. In 1999, he rejoined the ranks of the Communications Group HQ as their resident expert on Space research and direction in Ottawa, Ontario. Major Haeck was promoted to acting Lieutenant-Colonel in 2001 after having completed his HQ Command course in Kingston. In 2002, he requested a transfer to the 3rd Field Engineer Regiment (3 FER) or family reasons as Officer Commanding 4 Field Engineer Squadron. Following this appointment, Major Haeck was made Deputy Commanding Officer of the Regiment. In 2006, he was appointed as G9 of the 34th Canadian Brigade Group due to his second Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Risk Management). In 2007, he returned to 3 FER (now 34 Combat Engineer Regiment) as the Regimental Liaison Officer and Ethics Advisor. It should also be noted that Major Haeck was a recipient of several the prestigious awards such as: The NATO Bursary for his doctoral studies in 1991, The Post-Doctoral Bursary from the Minister of National Defence in addition to numerous other academic awards for his publications and academic accomplishments. In 2007, Major Haeck was selected as the development officer for the Canada Millennium Foundation.

    Major Haeck is married to Mrs. Marie LeFrancois who works as a notary in Montreal. They have three children, two of whom are engineers and the third a graduate in communications. They live in Ville Saint-Laurent in Quebec. Major Haeck continues to lecture part-time at Polytechnique and enjoys cycling with his wife.