Maj Kerry Mould, CD

    Major Kerry Mould joined the CF as a Direct Entry Officer in September 1989 following his graduation from the Civil Engineering Technologist program at the University of the Okanagan in Kelowna, BC. After completing his Basic Officer Training Course (Chilliwack), Language Training (St-Jean) and Construction Engineer Phase Training (Chilliwack), he was posted to 5 Wing Goose Bay, first as Planning Officer and later as Production Officer from 1992 – 94.

    After making the mistake of telling his career manager that “anywhere west of Winnipeg would be good”, he was posted to an army base, CFB Shilo (technically 200 km west of Winnipeg!), where he worked as a Staff Officer to the Base Technical Services Officer, CE Operations Officer and Requirements Officer from 1994 – 98. From there, he was posted to 17 Wing Winnipeg, where he did a year of French language training, worked at 1 Canadian Air Division as a staff officer in A4 AE, took his Advance Air Operations Course and worked as Executive Assistant to the A4, all between 1998 - 2003. In that time, he also managed to squeeze in a six month UN tour to the sunny island of East Timor in 2000 – 01, where he was employed (somewhat surprisingly to him) as a political analyst with the UN Transitional Administration for East Timor.

    Following his Winnipeg tour, he was posted for one year to the Golan Heights. There, he worked as the Construction Engineering Officer for the UN Disengagement Observer Force, overseeing a major, $70 million dollar, reconstruction project of the majority of the UN infrastructure in Israel and Syria. He put his deployment experience to good use on his return, when he was posted to the Contingency Capability Centre at 8 Wing Trenton as the Senior Standards Officer for Deployment Readiness Training for the Air Force. After an all too brief two years in Trenton, Maj Mould was posted to NDHQ in Ottawa, where he worked in Chief of Force Development organization for two years and then in VCDS Group Management Services, as the L1 Engineer Rep, for one year.

    Maj Mould retires after 20 years and 40 days with the Canadian Forces. He has accepted a position with the Defence Construction Canada as the Deputy Project Officer for the Distant Early Warning Line Clean-Up project. He intends to remain in the Ottawa area with his partner, John.