Maj Judith Tromp, CD

    Major Judy Tromp will be retiring from the CF after 20 years of dedicated service to Canada and the CF as a Construction Engineer.

    Originally from Matheson, Ontario, Major Judith Tromp (née Dambrowitz) enrolled in the Canadian Forces, June 1991. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston.

    After completion of her Construction Engineering training in Chilliwack , BC in 1997, Major Tromp was posted to the Construction Engineering Section at 14 Wing Greenwood; where during her four year posting she held the positions of Engineering Officer, 141 Construction Engineering Flight (CEF) Comd and Acting Requirements Officer.

    During this time Major Tromp also completed a deployment to Kosovo as the CEF Comd attached with the CEF to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment as part of an Engr surge to conduct Force Beddown for OP KINETIC Roto 0.

    In July 2001, Major Tromp was posted to 14 CES as the Engineer Flight Comd for 91 CEF Gander. After a quick year with the Sqn, Major Tromp was posted to 9 Wing as the Wing Construction Engineering Officer from 2002-2005.

    In 2005 Major Tromp was posted to the Canadian Forces Joint Support Group and filled positions in operational planning and infrastructure.

    From 2007 until present, Major Tromp was posted back to 14 Wing as the Wing Construction Engineering Officer. During her time in Greenwood, Major Tromp also filled an Engineer Project Management position during a TAV to JTFA.

    Major Judy Tromp and her husband Major Scott Tromp have two children, Eva and Ethan. Major Tromp has accepted a position at 14 Wing as the Chief of Staff for the Wing Logistics and Engineering Branch where she will continue to serve as a reservist.