Maj Jerry Schock, CD

    Major JM Schock will retire from the CF with an effective release date of 03 Dec 09 after 32 plus years of service as a Military Engineer, Airfield Engineer, Construction Engineer… [keep this space open just in case the occupation name changes before his retirement - JRJ] – in the last six months he will be forced to finally use his accumulated leave. Thus his release date is 01 Jun 09. During his career Major Schock served at Rockcliffe, Chilliwack, CFS Alsask, Germany (8 years), Kingston, and Ottawa (payback for Germany).

    During his career Maj Shock[sp] was at one time or another a proud member of the Air Force, Army and Navy. He was also a member of the real 1(CA) Air Div (and HQ), the only ‘Blue’ OC ADR Sqn Lahr, Detachment Commander for the closure of CFB Lahr (and Baden), and while SCEO at CFS Alsask deployed once or twice on OP PIANO. Other oddities include MCCRT , Defence 2000, DelaGAAT, Acting MARCOM Fire Marshal (Auxiliary Fire Fighter training and experience from Alsask!) and ADM(IE)/DIS (… all have closed with Jerry taking a very personal interest in closing Alsask(?) and Lahr(!)). He also had time to complete a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Queens University in three years.

    In retirement Major Mr Jerry Schock will be assuming a Facility Manager position, which will put his vast experience to the test in the roles of PD, PM, spec/memo/BN/letter (et al) writer, emergency planner, driver, and BCEO for a smaller family-based company in Nepean Ottawa, ON. Fortunately, he has been told that his responsibilities will not require different pots of money, estimating to the penny, policy writing, SRBs, learning naval (he’s an ‘expert’) or army (… they change every week!!) language nuances and acronyms, talking to anyone from Baden, closures, or working with Fire Fighters (to name just a few).

    Unfortunately, during his golden years he was oft-heard to brag about never having a job in finance, personnel administration or as an EA (enfant administration) – this job does! He will no longer be able to hide behind a white, blue, or pink book to support his decisions and actions… spouses, teenagers, cats and dogs do not have collective agreements. If the urge to work bites him he will become i/c ‘nuts and bolts’ at Home Depot, Princess Auto or Canadian Tire (for the discount on tools and gadgets of course)… Timmies is also an option.

    Major Jerry Schock is survived by his wife Helene Couture and sons Alex and Eric. Helene and the two teenage (huh?) sons will ensure Jerry is not bored in retirement by taking up any and all spare time Jerry thought he was going to have – the Public Service will look better after a month or two.

    A DWD ceremony will be held at a later date to celebrate his career. Please forward best wishes and/or antic dotes to McNeil Capt DA@CMS DMI@Ottawa-Hul