Maj I Mohammad, CD

    • Maj I  Mohammad, CD

    After 25 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Maj Idrees Mohammad, CD, will retire tomorrow, 25 January 2024. Anecdotes and well wishes may be sent to Maj D.J.S. Smith at

    Maj Idrees Mohammad joined the CAF in 1999 as an Electrical Distribution Technician. After completing five years of service as a NCM, he was accepted in the UTPNCM program and became a Construction Engineer in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

    After completing high school in Toronto, Maj Mohammad went to George Brown College and completed a Technologist Diploma in Industrial Controls and Electronics Engineering. He
    worked in the private sector as a technologist before joining the CAF. After joining the CAF, Maj Mohammad completed a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and several certifications (electrician certificate interprovincial commercial/residential construction and maintenance, fire alarm systems, security systems, high voltage transmission lines, and related safety certifications)

    Maj Mohammad has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding military career which has taken him to many places in Canada from the east coast, like Gagetown, Greenwood, Halifax, to Trenton, Borden, Kingston, Ottawa, Petawawa, Thunder Bay, Cold Lake, and Nashville, Tennessee. He also spent a year in the Sinai, Egypt, as a MFO Engineer and a few months at NATO School in Germany. Before coming to RCN, C Navy (NIR), he was at CJOC J Engr to support deployed ops.

    While Maj Mohammad’s career has been diverse in nature, one constant has been the great people with whom he has worked over the years. He is extremely grateful for their comradeship and support in assisting him to achieve success.

    The success of a service member’s career also depends very much on the support of family; Idrees is extremely indebted to his wife, Rukhsana, and two boys for their patience and determination during trying times and postings.

    Maj Idrees Mohammad will remain in Ottawa with his family for the immediate future, where he will provide electrical installation services to the private construction sector.