Maj Garrett Aucoin, CD

    • Maj Garrett Aucoin, CD

    After 15 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Major Garrett Aucoin will retire on 9 Sept 2020 and transition into an infrastructure position within The Correctional Service of Canada. There will be a small DWD lunch on 12 Aug 2020 at a local establishment (location TBC) in Medicine Hat, AB.  Attendees are requested to advise the event planner (Dana or 403-544-4451) of their attendance to this event NLT 31 July 2020.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to Major Tracy Silk at


    Major AuCoin enrolled as a ROTP candidate and graduated from RMC Kingston in 2009 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. After receiving his commission and the completion of BEOC 1.2, Major AuCoin was posted to 5eRGC, where he held various staff positions and commanded 2
    Tp “les guerriers nordiques”. This posting was highlighted by a domestic operational deployment, Op LOTUS 2011, to Montreal to support civil power in response to flooding. Upon promotion to Captain, Major AuCoin was posted to 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, holding various staff positions and contributing to many international exercises and preparation for NEO and DART deployments. Following the completion of AOC 32, rejoining his francophone colleagues as the “anglais preferé”, Major AuCoin was posted to 5 Engineer Services Unit as the Unit’s last Adjutant. Upon the Unit close-out, Major AuCoin was posted to Real Property Unit Atlantic HQ, immediately departing for NFLD to lead RP Ops Det Gander as the interim OC. Returning to RP Ops Det Halifax, Maj AuCoin held the Det 2IC position until his promotion to his current rank, where he was then given command of RP Ops Det Suffield in 2017. Finally, Maj AuCoin deployed on NATO Mission Iraq and completed the tour with the Operational Support Hub – Southwest Asia as the Senior Logistics Operations  Officer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maj AuCoin has accepted a promotion with Correctional Service Canada and will be relocating to Kingston, Ontario in August 2020.

    Throughout his career, Maj AuCoin was very involved with both the RMC, CAF and local volleyball communities, as a player and a coach.

    I thank all that I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way – 6 postings and many, many temporary duty trips. The CAF afforded me the opportunity to travel the world and Canada, from the Pacific Ocean to the Persian Gulf, Yellowknife, to Victoria, to Gander and so many places in between. To the mentors, I thank you for your patience and time you invested in me. I look forward to the challenges that await and to give back as much as possible in the greater Kingston comm