Maj Dave Marcotullio, CD

    • Maj Dave Marcotullio, CD

    After more than 33 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Maj Dave Marcotullio, CD, will retire on 14 June 2023. Anecdotes or well wishes may be sent to Maj D.V. Saul at

    Maj Dave Marcotullio was born and raised in Montreal. In 1990, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer. Following QL3, he was posted to 22 Fd Sqn, CFB Gagetown, in October 1991. While there, he was employed in various positions and deployed to Croatia in 1994 as a section member of a Fd Tp. Upon his return, he completed the Armoured Engineer Vehicle Course and was posted to 21 Armoured Troop at 4 ESR. Within 4 ESR, he was employed as an AEV and AVLB driver and crew commander as well as an instructor. He deployed to the Red River Floods in Manitoba in 1996 and to the Quebec Ice Storms in 1998. He was promoted to MCpl shortly thereafter. In 2000, MCpl Marcotullio was promoted to Sgt and deployed with 1 CER to Bosnia as the ROWPU Det Commander. The following year, Sgt Marcotullio deployed to Eritrea as part of the mission closing team. 2003 marked his first of three deployments to Afghanistan with 2 RCR D&S Coy as an Engineer advisor to the Camp Commander. Upon his return, he was posted to CFSME as a CMD instructor. In 2004, he was promoted to WO and became the Demolition Cell Supervisor.

    In December 2006, he commissioned from the ranks and was posted back to 4 ESR in January 2007. His second deployment to Afghanistan occurred soon after, as a member of the Tactical Exploitation Team within the CIED Sqn. Following this tour, he was posted to the Infantry School as a course officer for the Common Army Phase. After a year, he returned to 4 ESR as the 2 Fd Tp Commander. 2009 was to be his final deployment to Afghanistan as the Team Leader for the Tactical Exploitation Team with 5 Brigade. With his return to Canada, he became Sqn 2I/C of 42 Fd Engr Sqn, 4 ESR. In 2010, he was posted again to CFSME as the 2I/C of EOD Sqn.

    Maj Marcotullio was promoted to his current rank in 2014 and posted to the Strategic Joint Staff, Arms Control Verification Unit in Ottawa. A year later, he returned to CFSME as the OC EOD Sqn. In 2018, he became the DCmdt of CFSME. In 2019, he was posted back to 4 ESR as the DCO of the Regiment and soon deployed to Halifax during hurricane DORIAN. In Aug 2021, he was posted back to CFSME as the Royal Canadian Engineer Corps Major.

    Dave is married to Tracy Marcotullio. They have one daughter, Amanda, and two grand kids, Jordan and Ashlynn. Although retiring from the CAF, Dave will continue working with DND as the Production Officer within the COE at CFSME.