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    • Maj Denny Desveaux, CD
    • MCpl Desveaux in the Golan Heights about 1993
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    Maj Denny Desveaux, CD will retire on 19 Apr 2017 after more than 30 years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF, the CME Branch, Armoured Corps 8th Canadian Hussars and Canadian Dragoons (see Message attached). As requested by Maj Desveaux, there will be NO Depart with Dignity.

    Eventually everyone Moves On, I know it is hard to believe I am leaving quietly with no DWD; I am thoroughly grateful to the military and support/guidance from fellow soldiers and civilians I received throughout my career. It is time to pass in the ID card 12 Apr and move on with the next chapter in life.

    Spent the first 6 1/2 years in the Armour Corps and as a highlight while stationed in Germany 1987-91 trained for 6 months about 70 hours a week for an International Armoured Recce Competition called Boeselager comprised of 16 countries.

    In 1993 became an electrician and went to North Bay and learned many things from a number of fantastic people who I am still in contact with today. Went on two tours to Israel in the Golan Heights and Kosovo as an electrician. Went to Petawawa 1999-2002 with 2CER. Then spent 5 years at the Engineer School in Gagetown 2002-07, got to experience a number of different jobs as a Sgt/WO and then got promoted to MWO I believe so they could finally get me posted out?

    In 2007 CFR'd to Captain and served as OC of 144 AEF Pictou NS. In 2009 went to Ottawa "StarTop" for 5 years at Canada Command/CJOC. The last 2 years worked on the Carling Campus Project, I certainly enjoyed coming to work the last 2 years, what an excellent way to end my career.

    I will be laying on the beach in Jamaica on my last day in the Military and then will be marshalling at a local golf course. I am extremely thankful to the military and civilians who were real leaders that took the time to sort me out throughout my career; my poor wife (Raylene) is still trying to sort me out.

    I wore my medals for the last time in November paying a final salute to my Dad who lost his battle to cancer; he was proud when I joined the military. My mom was the one who encourage me to join the military which I think it was because she wanted me out of the house since she couldn’t afford to feed me. As I leave, I give a final salute to Greg Gilliam, we went through Basic and QL-3 Armoured Training together, he was killed in Afghanistan 6 Oct 2006---Lest we never Forget.


    Denny (Like the Restaurant) Desveaux