Maj Cherylynn Hunt, CD

    Major Hunt joined the Forces immediately after high school in Kitchener, Ontario for the love of country, adventure and potential “free” University education.  By June 1982 she was flying to Chilliwack, BC along with the BOTC‐82 masses with CF Airlines from Toronto Pearson International Airport (although it was not called that then).  Not having the previous opportunity to “go west…young girl!” nor of being in the military for that matter, it was thought quite appropriate to adorn the attire of the Canadian West such as a cowgirl: hat, boots, dress...etc. (a getup that many don’t let her forget).  Well, if first impressions matter, it at least got her a seat in the cock pit for take‐off.  The glamour of it all was soon swept away after being herded off a bus onto the Chilliwack parade square in the dark of night whilst being yelled at by strangers in uniform with antennae –like moustaches.   

    BOTC graduation awarded another herding‐like transport that brought her again in the dead of night with similar persons mentioned above (sans moustache) on the parade square of the Royal Military College (RMC).  As an RMC recruit, and of the third class of females to that prestigious institution, meant that the last all male fourth year class (aka “LCWB1 s”) were not exceptionally easy going.   Major Hunt graduated in Applied Science, was on the Varsity Fencing Team, a highland dancer with the Band and helped to formulate an Equestrian riding team for an eventual horse‐guard on graduation parade.2

    On graduation from MILE phase training in 1986, Maj Hunt was posted to CFB Gagetown as the CE Planning Officer and many “special projects”.  One of her most satisfying accomplishments was painting her boss’s office “dusty rose”, only having to return it to its original olive drab colour due to unsatisfactory reactions on his return.  Member of the Base Volleyball and Softball teams, ski patroller at Crabbe Mountain, greatly supported mess functions (what else was there to do in Oromocto?).

    In 1989 Maj Hunt was tasked to Operation Salaam in Peshawar, Pakistan for a six month tour Instructing Afghan refugees from the Soviet war, de‐mining techniques and mine awareness.  Famous quote from an Afghan male:  “why is the Canadian government sending their women to do men’s work?”  Worst moment:  completing a 10K Multi‐National Engineer Run after a night at the American Club and having less than two hours of sleep (only Canadian also!).

     Maj Hunt’s other base assignment included stints as the Engineering Officer and Base Environment/Hazmat Officer in Trenton, CE Operations Officer for Stadaccona, ASD Re‐Engineering team member at CFB Halifax, a return trip to Gagetown as Engineering Officer, and her current assignment in various capacities in Esquimalt.  

    Major Hunt has commenced Vocational Rehabilitation preceding her Medical Release around July 09.   She will have 27 years of service.  Her ambitions include further second language training for eventual Public Service Employment, Professional Engineering and Canadian Institute of Planners Certification.   Her husband Mark, children: Brock (6yrs) and Chelbylynn (4 yrs) cherish and support her future endeavours.  Her sister and mother would like her “closer to home”.   


    1 LCWB= a term not necessarily for mixed company but involves the Last (all male) Class With B…..

    2 Note to file:  Horses hate bagpipes!  A certain parade practice had four horses and riders in a stampede towards Lake Ontario – horses off parade!