Maj Caroline Lapalme, CD

    • Maj Caroline Lapalme, CD

    After over 23 years of service with the CAF and the CME Branch, Maj F.P.C. (Caroline) Lapalme, CD will retire on the 14 Aug 2018.

    Maj Caroline Lapalme joined the Canadian Armed Forces more than 23 years ago in June 1995.  She obtained her bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and materials in 2000 at the Royal Military College in Kingston, and then completed her training as a combat engineer officer. Maj Lapalme transferred to the 5th Combat Engineer Regiment in Valcartier in 2002, she acted as a troop commander and participated in Operation PALLADIUM. In addition, she has completed various projects including the construction of a bridge in 2003 in Bromptville, Qc. At the rank of captain, she served as aide-de-camp for the general commanding officer of the 2nd Division of Canada, and subsequently as commandant of the Infrastructure Detachment for the Montreal Garrison. Returning to the 5th Combat Engineer Regiment in Valcartier, she was promoted to major and commanded two combat engineer squadrons. She subsequently acted as a project manager for the Directorate of Land Infrastructure (DLI) in Ottawa in order to deliver infrastructure projects with a value above $5M for the Canadian Army. After that posting, she returned to Montreal to work for the headquarters of the Real Property Operations Unit, in the Quebec region, and took the operations officer position just before the centralization of ADM(IE). After centralization, she was appointed deputy commander of the Real Estate Operations Unit (Quebec). Back in Ottawa in the summer of 2016, she was the project submission coordinator for projects with a value above $5M. She is extremely grateful for the support and encouragement received from her parents, Steve, and her three children, Sarah, Kevin and Émilie throughout her career. Caroline will remain in the Gatineau region and will take a job as an ENG-05, Project Manager within ADM(IE) starting August 2018.

     A DwD will be held Thurs 23 Aug 18 at 1330hrs at the Army Officer’s Mess, 149 Somerset St West, Ottawa. The RFC is Capt C. Perrie, CSN 943-8247 or 514-726-9109.

    Please send congratulatory messages or anecdotes to Capt Perrie CHRISTOPHER.PERRIE@FORCES.GC.CA