Maj Brian Mumford, CD

    Maj Brian Mumford graduated from RMC in 1985 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering. After completing phase training, Brian was posted to 3 PPCLI, where he was a platoon Comd for 2 years. After a short posting to 2 Commando, he was posted to the Infantry School in Gagetown. He release in 1990 and rejoined almost a year later as an Engineer.

    Brian completed Engineer training and was posted to 2 CER in 1993. He was employed as 2IC 23 Fd Sqn, Ops O, OC 25 Sp Sqn and OC 24 Fd Sqn. During this posting he completed two Tours in Bosnia. Subsequently, Brian was part of the D2000 project in Petawawa and was the Requirements Officer within CE. He headed off to Ottawa for a two year posting at DLI, before returning to CFB Petawawa as the DCO for two years and then the BCEO for another two years. Brian bounced around Petawawa, along with a two year IR posting to DLI. His last posting was to JTFA HQ for a tour in Afghanistan.

    Brian has accepted a civilian job at BCE in Petawawa. He hopes to enjoy a bit more free time to spend with his wife, Justine, and his young son, Ashton. Hopefully, he will still have some time left over to spend in the machine shop or at the trout farm.

    Brian commences the Realty Asset Development Officer position at CFB/ASU Petawawa on 1 June 2009.

    A retirement luncheon will be held at Danny’s on 11 June 2009.