Maj Anthony Everitt, CD

    After more than 13 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Maj Anthony Everitt, CD, will retire on 01 March 2023. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to Capt A.N. Stewart at

    Maj Anthony Everitt joined the CAF in 2009 through the Regular Officer Training Plan. He attended RMC and graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. While awaiting phase training, he completed OJE at RMC and at 1 ESU. While at 1 ESU, he took part in the Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 2014 Camp Build as the 11 Sqn Ops O.

    Upon completion of phase training, his first posting was to 4 Wing Cold Lake – he experienced Wing CE preADM(IE) Transformation as the Plans O, Eng O, and Ops O, and upon the stand-up of the local RP Ops Det, he remained with the Wing as a CE Flight Commander. He took part in Ex GOLDEN COYOTE 2016 throughout the state of South Dakota, and deployed on Op IMPACT as the JTF-I Plans O in 2017.

    In 2017, Maj Everitt was posted to Kingston to pursue his master’s degree in Civil Engineering, structurally focussed. His Master’s research looked to prove and quantify the differences in dynamic load effects on bridges from tracked and wheeled military vehicles. As a result of his research and subsequent posting to 1 ESU as the Structural SME, Maj Everitt was fortunate to take part in the NATO Team of Experts Military Bridge Assessment Working Groups in Italy and Austria, present at the International Conference on Military Technologies in Czech Republic, instruct at the German Engineer School on their International Bridge Classification Week, and support several serials of the NATO Bridge Assessment Course at the Military Engineering Centre of Excellence in Ingolstadt, Germany. While at 1 ESU, Maj Everitt was employed as the Structural SME, and Sqn 2IC for 11 and 15 Engr Sqns. In 2021, Maj Everitt was posted to RP Ops Det Kingston as the Requirements Officer and in 2022, Maj Everitt was promoted to his current rank and posted as the J4 IE for MPGG.

    Upon release, Maj Everitt will remain in the Kingston area with his wife, Chelsey, and their two sons, Emmet and Sawyer. There, he joins Transport Canada as a Senior Bridge Engineer. Maj Everitt will always fondly remember his time in the CAF and the many great individuals with whom he had the pleasure of working. CHIMO!