Lt Robert Cheyne Eddy, MC – 18th Field Company - Military Cross

Military Cross

Lieutenant Eddy, Commander of 1 Platoon, 18th Field Company, the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, has been Platoon Commander since previous to arrival in France. Prior to 31 July 1944, Lieutenant Eddy led his platoon in support of 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade operations on several occasions. In the vicinity of Columbelles, on 18 to 19 July 1944, by his forward personal reconnaissance, continually under enemy fire, Lieutenant Eddy was able to dispose his troops and equipment in such a manner as to enable the continued forward movement of equipment and transport for the operation. During his reconnaissance, this officer was wounded in the leg but he continued his task for 48 hours without rest and achieved his object. Lieutenant Eddy has continually inspired his men by his powers of leadership and disregard for personal safety under fire in all operations.

Robert Eddy graduated from Queen’s University in 1941. Along with dozens of his classmates, he was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Engineers.  He was severely wounded by shrapnel during the Battle of the Scheldt and spent the rest of the war recovering in military hospitals in England. After a short period as a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Queen’s, Robert returned to the family business in Bathurst, NB. His wartime injuries caught up with him in the early eighties and he died, after an illness of five years, in 1986.