Lt-Col William Alexander “Bill” Ewener, MC, ED, OStJ, BA, MD, (Ret’d)

    • Lt Bill Ewener, MC
    • RCE EIIR Badge
    • Bill Ewener UWO Wrestling Tm Capt 1935-36

    We regret to advise of the death of Lieutenant-Colonel William Alexander “Bill” Ewener, MC, ED, BA, MD, OStJ  (Ret’d) on 7 August 2001 at the age of 96 years.

    Bill Ewener was born in London, UK and emigrated with his family in 1908, settling in Sarnia, ON. At the age of 12, Bill became an apprentice machinist for the Grand Trunk Railroad and later worked in Peru as an engineer with Imperial Oil Limited for five years before returning in the early 1930s to attend the University of Western Ontario. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1936.  He also played football in high school and university and was an undefeated wrestling champion at university.  

    When the Second World War broke out, Bill was enrolled in Medicine at Western, but dropped out in 1940 and, at the age of 34 joined the 11th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers. He later transferred to the 7th Field Company and led a demolition party during the assault at Dieppe where he won a Military Cross for bravery.  

    Bill was gravely wounded at Dieppe. After more than six months in hospital in England, he returned to active duty with the 30th Field Company, 2nd Canadian Corps Engineers.  He landed in Normandy in early July 1944 and stayed with the Canadian Army’s advance through France, Belgium and Holland.  He was wounded a second time in Holland when a munitions truck in his convoy was hit by a shell and caught fire.  After recovering from these wounds, he was promoted Acting Major and took command of the 30th Field Company until the war ended.  After VE Day, he volunteered for duty in the Pacific, but before any Canadians deployed, the Japanese had surrendered.

    On returning to Canada, Bill completed his medical training at the University of Western Ontario, married and had three children. He practised family medicine in the London area into his 80s.  He was active in many activities throughout his life including the Military Engineer Association of Canada, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and the University of Western Ontario Alumni. {dcJul17**}[kh]