L/Sgt Alexander Finnie Killah - Military Medal - 5th Field Company

Military Medal

At approximately 0900 hours 6 June 1944, Lance-Sergeant Killah was proceeding down the beach at the extreme end of Nan Red beach searching for the remainder of his section when he came upon a blazing Sherman tank which was exploding intermittently because of the shells and mines carried inside. Lance-Sergeant Killah noticed a soldier lying beside the track of the tank, apparently dead but on further scrutiny [he] noticed this man move his leg. Picking up a stretcher-bearer party nearby, Lance-Sergeant Killah and Sapper Coveyduck ran to the side of this tank, disregarding the very great danger of this tank exploding at any moment and also enemy aimed small arms fire. He placed this wounded man on the stretcher and with the help of Sapper Coveyduck bore him to safety.