Looking for WW II Sapper Veterans for D-Day Events in France and Halifax

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Publication Date 
20 Feb 2019

We have been advised by Veterans Affairs Canada of their early plans to mark the upcoming 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, the Government of Canada is planning both in Canada and overseas events in June 2019.

An official Government of Canada delegation will be travelling overseas, departing on June 2 and returning June 9, 2019, to attend commemorative ceremonies and events at a number of different sites in the Normandy region of France. As well, a second Government of Canada delegation will participate in a series of events to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia around the June 6th anniversary date of D-Day. The intent is to share the stories and experiences of all participating Veterans both in-Canada and overseas with Canadians via social media and other platforms.

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is seeking nominations of Canadian Second World War Veterans of D-Day and the Normandy Campaign to be part of the official delegations participating in the VAC led official Government of Canada programs referenced above. If you are aware of any D-Day or Battle of Normandy Veteran who could be considered as a delegate, based on the criteria outlined above, please submit their name and contact information before February 25, 2019, to Ken Holmes, CME VP History and Heritage at: history.heritage@cmea-agmc.ca. Those nominated must have been Canadian citizens at the time of their service and capable of travelling either in-Canada or overseas to participate in the program. Please note, as well, that all nominees will be required to complete a medical examination to confirm their ability to travel.