CWO Lloyd Robert Hodgins, MMM, CD

    • CWO Lloyd Robert Hodgins, MMM, CD

    CWO Hodgins joined the Canadian Forces in August 1974 in London ON as a 011 Crewman with the Armoured Corps. Completing his recruit training in November 1974 he was posted to CFB Gagetown (Combat Training Centre) where he completed his TQ-3 and TQ-5 courses back to back in May 1975 at which time he was posted to the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) in Lahr, West Germany. In 1978, newly promoted to Cpl, he remustered as a Refrigeration Mechanical Technician and was posted to CFS Sydney, NS for pre-course loading OJT. In January 1979, he headed to CFSME on his QL-3 course, returning to CFS Sydney in June 1979.

    He completed his JLC course in May 1980 in Summerside PEI and his QL-5 course in Aug 1981. In January 1982, he was promoted to MCpl and was posted to CFSME as an instructor in July 1982. In September 1983, he completed his QL6A course and was promoted to Sgt in January 1984. In the summer of 1986, he was posted to the CE Section at CFB Calgary as the RM Shop I/C. In August 1988, he was promoted to WO and completed his SLC in January 1989 at CFB Borden. One year later, he was posted to CFB Trenton as the RM Shop Supervisor. In 1991, he was posted to CFB Baden-Soellingen, West Germany as the 2I/C of the Utilities Section, returning to CFSME in Jan 1992 to complete his QL-7 course as an MS Technician. In Jun 1992, he was posted to CFB Lahr as the 2I/C of the Utilities Section until the Base closed. On 13 August 1994 he was posted back to Canada for his second tour at CFSME.

    In July 1995, he was promoted to MWO and posted to 15 Wing Moose Jaw as the WCE Utilities Officer. During his two years at 15 Wing, he completed a tour at CFS Alert as the Station Engineering Officer (Boss Beaver). In June 1997, he was posted to 4 AES at 4 Wing Cold Lake where he was employed as the Vertical Construction & Utilities Mechanical Systems Flight Comd. He completed a three-month TAV in Kosovo supervising the closure of the Canadian Camps. In 1998 he attended the Senior Air Supervisor’s Course (SAS) at the Air Force Academy in Borden. In July 2000 he was posted to the 4 Wing CE Sqn where he was employed as the Mechanical & Grounds Maintenance Team Leader.

    CWO Hodgins was promoted to his present rank on the 01 December 2000. In May 2001 he was posted to NDHQ ADM (MAT) DGAEPM where he was employed as a Technical Advisor for projects related to the North Warning System in the high Arctic. One year later he was posted to 1 Cdn Air Div HQ as the Senior Trade Advisor for the 641 RM Tech trade, LCMM for Aircraft Arrestor Systems, Mechanical Radar Systems, and the A4 AE CWO. In June 2004, he completed a UN tour in the Golan Heights. CWO Hodgins was appointed by the Commander 1 Cdn Air Div as the Theatre Support Element CWO in Camp Mirage South West Asia from Dec 20005 to Jun 2006. CWO Hodgins was appointed by the Chief of Air Staff as the WCWO at 19 Wing Comox in July 2006. Upon completion of his tenure as WCWO CWO Hodgins moved down the road to CFB Esquimalt with Joint Task Force Games HQ (Joint Engineer Staff) in support of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. CWO Hodgins is standing down from service to his country on the 06 June 2010 and will take time to travel, fish, golf and enjoying his soon to be born grandchild. In September 2006 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Military Merit receiving his Order from the Governor General in May 2007. Depart with dignity will be held at 19 Wing Comox, date TBD.