List of Bailey Bridges in Canada


  • In the ‘Village at Griesbach’ in Edmonton, AB.

    Design: 60 ft/Single-Single
  • Kananaskis Bridge, Exshaw, AB as seen in September 2014

    This bridge is at Exshaw, AB over the Kananaskis River providing access to Lafarge Exshaw Cement Plant and can be...

    Design: 160 ft/Triple-Single
  • Jasper Park Sixth Bridge

    This bridge crosses the Snake Indian River in Jasper National Park, AB.

    Design: Double-Single (length TBC)
  • Tawatinaw Bridge

    At Tawatinaw, AB on the Athabaska Landing Trail as part of the greater Trans-Canada Trails Project.

    Design: 90 ft/Single-Single

British Columbia

  • 18-Mile Bridge, Grand Forks, BC Photo 1

    At Grand Forks, BC on the Brown Creek Road over the Granby River.

    Design: 100 ft/Triple-Single-Reinforced
  • Cayuse Flats Bailey Bridge Manning Park, BC

    In Manning Park, BC on an access road from Cayuse Flats that crosses the Skagit River.

    Design: 50 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • Just outside Coalmont, BC, on Blakeburn Rd, over the Tulameen River.

    Design: 180 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced with centre pier
  • Over Cottonwood Creek on Highway 31, Lardeau, BC (near Nelson, BC) near the Davis Creek Trailhead on the TransCanada...

    Design: 90 ft/Single-Single
  • On the Glenlilly Road over the Moyie River between Kingsgate and Yahk, BC - just off Highway 95.

    Design: 150 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • Izzy Bridge

    The bridge spans Summit Creek in the Creston Wildlife Centre, near Creston, BC on the TransCanada Trail.

    Design: 140-foot Double Single, Reinforced
  • The bridge is located on the Teepee Creek Rd (Likoman Newgate Rd) to Kikomun Creek Provincial Park in the East...

    Design: TBC
  • On the West Coast Road over Loss Creek on Vancouver Island, 50 km west of Sooke, BC.

    Design: Double-Single
  • In Stoney Creek Demolition Training Area near Trail, BC.

    Design: 60 ft/Single-Single
  • In Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC on the Menzies Trail over Gold Creek.

    Design: 60 or 70 foot Single-Single
  • In South Surrey, BC near the Nicomekl River Sea Dam.

    Design: 200 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • Over the Pilchuk Creek on the Squamish Valley Road, south of Paradise Valley, BC.

    Design: Triple- Single-Reinforced with one pier.
  • On Wildhorse Road over the Salmo River in Ymir, BC

    Design: 100ft/Triple-Single
  • Sappers Bridge in the final stages of construction.

    The bridge provides vehicle access to the Main River Wilderness Camp over the main arm of the Kettle River, 120 km...

    Design: Class 5, 250 foot Double Single
  • In Keremeos, BC over the Similkameen River.

    Design: c500 ft with one pier. (design TBC)
  • On Perry's Back Road about 7.5 km. north of Winlaw, BC (west of Highway 6) where it crosses the Slocan River...

    Design: 200 ft/Triple-Single-Reinforced


  • On Freedom Road to Shoal Lake First Nation No. 40 over the aquaduct to Winnipeg, MB.

    Design: 120 ft/Double-Single -Reinforced
  • In Thompson, MB.

    Design: 60 ft/Single-Single-Reinforced
  • On Freedom Road where it crosses the Falcon River Diversion on the way to the Shoal Lake First Nation No. 40 near...

    Design: 120 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • On the Hayes River, MB.

    Design: Double-Double-Reinforced

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • On the Eastport Peninsula about 8 km north of Eastport, NL.

    Design: 40 ft/Single-Single
  • In the Municipality of Canyapisca in Labrador.

    Design: Double-Double-reinforced with one pier.
  • Near Cartwright, NL

    Design: TBC
  • On the Newfoundland Trailway near Conception Bay South, NL.

    Design: Single-Single-Reinforced
  • Over Noel Paul’s Brook approximately 30 km south of Millertown in central Newfoundland.

    Design: C130 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • Across the North West River providing access to the Boy Scout Camp in Port Blandford, NL area.

    Design: TBC
  • In Labrador.

    Design: Triple-Single-Reinforced

Nova Scotia

  • Across the river at Forest Pleasant Bay In Cape Breton Highlands National Park, NS.

    Design: Triple-Single-Reinforced
  • At Whycocomagh in Inverness South, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 80 ft/Double-Double
  • At Margaree in Inverness North, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 180 ft/Double-Double
  • At Margaree in Inverness North, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 160 ft/Double-Double
  • At Frambroise in Richmond County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 90 ft/Double-Double
  • At Gillis in Guysbourgh County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 70 ft/Triple-Single
  • Over the Middle River in Victoria County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 60 ft/Triple-Single
  • On Leitches Creek in Cape Breton County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 100 ft/Double-Double
  • On the Georges River in Cape Breton County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 190 ft/Double-Double
  • At Frambroise in Richmond County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 100 ft/Double-Double
  • At Lake Ainslie in Inverness North, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 80 ft/Triple-Single
  • At Monastery in Antigonish County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 80 ft/Triple-Single
  • On the Mount Whatley Road over the Missaguash River at the NB/NS border.

    Design: Single-Single
  • The last crossing of the Petite Rivière on Highway 331 in Lunenburg, NS before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean....

    Design: Double-Single (length TBC)
  • On the Shulie Road in Sand River, NS.

    Design: Double-Double
  • On the Sangster Bridge Road off Hwy 14 outside Windsor Forks, NS where it crosses the Avon River

    Design: Double-Single
  • On Barronsfield Road at Lake Ainslie in Inverness North, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 50 ft/Triple-Single
  • At Tometary in Cape Breton County, Cape Breton, NS.

    Design: 70 ft/Triple-Single


  • The bridge spans the Apex River out of Iqaluit on the road to the community of Apex, NU.

    Design: 80 ft/Double-Single
  • In Cambridge Bay NU over the Freshwater Creek.

    Design: 100 ft/SS


  • ...

    Design: 70ft/Triple-Single Reinforced
  • On Chedoke Radial Trail in Hamilton, ON.

    Design: 280 ft/Double- Double-
  • In Coldwater, ON in Severn Township 

    Design: 50 ft Double-Single
  • On Highway 524 near Restoule, ON.

    Design: 90 ft/ Design TBC
  • On Corker Road In Kenora, ON.

    Design: Double-Single
  • Caledon Bridge over the Credit River

    On the Credit River near Caledon, ON at the Forks of the Credit River Provincial Park.

    Design: 80 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • The bridge spans Dog Lake Narrows on Ontario Secondary Provincial Highway 651, 4km from it's terminus in Missanabie...

    Design: 140 ft/Double-Single Reinforced
  • Over the Carp River in Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park, ON.

    Design: 100 ft/Double-Single
  • Carries the forestry road over the Chalk River in the Petawawa Research Forest just east of Montgomery Lake.

    Design: 100 ft/Double-Single-Reinorced
  • In Bracebridge, ON where the Trans-Canada Trail crosses the Muskoka River above High Falls.

    Design: 140 ft/Triple-Single-Reinforced
  • In Inglis Falls Conservation Area near Owen Sound, ON.

    Design: Single-Single
  • Jordan Ontario Bridge

    On 21st Street in Jordan, ON.

    Design: Triple-Single
  • Over Lakeshore Road in Toronto, ON.

    Design: 90 ft/Double-Single
  • On the Caledon Trailway near Cataract, ON over the Little Credit River, a tributary of the Credit River.

    Design: Double-Single
  • Merritt Trail Bailey Bridge (Photo by Bon Echo Geocacher, 2020)

    The bridge is located where the Merritt Trail and the Welland Canal Trail overlap. The bridge sits in old limestone...

    Design: 70 ft/Single-Single
  • Located on the Nappan Island Road, approximately 4.6 km East of Highway 30. The bridge spans the narrows between...

    Design: Length TBC/Single- Single
  • Old Finch Bailey Bridge

    Crosses the Rouge River at Old Finch Ave. in Toronto, ON.

    Design: 130 ft/Triple-Single with one pier
  • On the snowmobile trail beside Petawawa Blvd in Petawawa, ON between White Street and Pine View Public School.

    Design: 50 ft/Single-Single
  • In Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park near Mattawa, ON.

    Design: TBC
  • Valley Inn Road Bailey bridge

    Over the outlet of the Grindstone Creek where it flows into Hamilton Harbour.

    Design: 70 ft/Double-Single
  • In Renfrew County, ON on the Deacon - Tramore Trail where it crosses the Bonnechere River.

    Design: TBC
  • In the Umbata Gorge on the hydro line right of way that crosses immediately below Umbata Falls near Marathon, ON....

    Design: TBC
  • Connects Princess Point and the Hamilton, ON Harbour Waterfront Trail.

    Design: 130 ft/Double-Single-Reinforced
  • Over the West River on Main Street at Whitefish Falls, ON on Lake Huron.

    Design: 130 ft/Double-Single
  • On the gravel road in Northwester Ontario between Pickle Lake and Windigo Lake.

    Design: Double-Single
  • On the gravel road in Northwester Ontario between Pickle Lake and Windigo Lake.

    Design: Double-Double
  • On the gravel road in Northwester Ontario between Pickle Lake and Windigo Lake.

    Design: Triple-Single with one pier.


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