LCol/Lcol J.F.D. Leclerc, CD

    • LCol/Lcol J.F.D. Leclerc, CD

    After more than 25 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, LCol Dominic Leclerc, CD, will retire on 28 March 2024. A DwD function for LCol Leclerc will be held on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 at 14:00 hrs at the restaurant Liberty Kitchen, 103 – 3005 Merchant Way, Langford, BC. If you wish to attend in person or if you wish to send anecdotes and well wishes to be read during the ceremony, please contact Capt E.F. Boulianne at

    After more than 25 years of service, LCol Dominic Leclerc
    will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces and will set sails
    for new horizons.
    Originally from St-Jérôme in the Basses-Laurentides, LCol Leclerc joined the CAF in 1998 as an Armoured Officer. He then moved on to both RMC St-Jean and Kingston, graduating in 2003 with a degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering. Meanwhile, he transferred to the Combat Engineer trade and completed his training in the spring of 2004.

    Posted to 5eRGC, he commanded his troop and assisted the Regimental Operations Officer. He participated in two high readiness cycles and obtained his Combat Diver qualification, the latter allowing his knees the potential to age at a rate “well ahead of his peers”.

    Posted in 2007 to the Greater Montreal Area, LCol Leclerc assumed various functions at the
    Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School and Engineering Services Unit of the Secteur du
    Québec. He completed his time in La Belle Province by returning to 5eRGC in 2012 as the
    Regimental Operations Officer and Commander of various squadrons. He also reunited with his
    wet suit, albeit the latter had surprisingly self-mutated into a much tighter fitting model…

    In 2016, flipping a two-headed coin, LCol Leclerc packed his bundle and strolled across the
    continent to settle in Victoria to handle several functions within the newly born Real Property
    Operations Unit (Pacific). Concurrently, he completed his Joint Command and Staff Program and
    Master’s degree on the foundations of Russian strategic culture.

    LCol Leclerc deployed in 2010 to Kandahar as Deputy OC of the Engineer Support Squadron,
    overseeing the maintenance and expansion of the allied fortified bases as well as the logistics for
    the construction of Route HYENA. In January 2015, warping from a -40 to +45 C overnight,
    LCol Leclerc landed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a Liaison Officer and Advisor
    on Security Reform to the Commandant of the MONUSCO. Other equally exotic trips brought
    him to the confines of Norway, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Ottawa.

    LCol Leclerc is sharing his life since 2004 with Catherine Arsenault, with whom they welcomed
    their sons Antoine and Édouard, and their “puppy loves”, late Freyia and Herman. Grateful to
    everyone encountered thus far, the family now looks forward enjoying what life has best to offer!