LCol J.J.S (Sylvain) Lepage, CD

    • LCol J.J.S (Sylvain) Lepage, CD

    LCol Sylvain Lepage will retire from the Canadian Forces on 17 Jan 2011, after 28+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers.

    LCol Sylvain Lepage joined the Canadian Forces in 1982 after completing a college degree in civil engineering at the CEGEP of Sherbrooke. Following MILE training, he was posted to CFB St-Jean where he occupied the Engineering and Production Officer’s positions until July 1987. His next posting brought him to CFB Valcartier where he was employed in the Construction Engineering section as the Requirements Officer for the next three years. He then moved to Ottawa to work with the Directorate North Warning System Office. In 1991, under the UTPO program, he attended the Université du Québec in Hull and graduated with Bachelor in Business and Administration (Honours). Two years later, he returned to NDHQ in the Directorate General Infrastructure to take the delivery of major construction projects for the Army within the Québec region. During this four-year tour, he completed two major projects, the Valcartier Cadet Camp and the MTSC Valcartier, and started a multi-phase, multi-year project for the Valcartier Service Battalion. In July1997, he was transferred to 8th Wing Trenton to the than new Contingency Capability Centre to design and organize exercises to train Air Force personnel to support deployed air operations. In 1998 he was selected to attend Command and Staff Course at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto. On completion of the course in Jun 99 and following promotion to the current rank in Dec 98, he was posted to Ottawa to assume the duties of the ADM(IE) comptroller. For a period of five years, he was responsible for the management of the ADM(IE) resources, the business plan and performance measurements. In Sep 2004, he was transferred to the realty asset planning section responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of the DND/CF realty assets. In 2007, he was posted to CMS to assume the role of the Director of Maritime Infrastructure; a position where he is responsible for the long term planning and oversight of the Navy real property portfolio, and for the development and delivery of the $3B Navy construction plan.

    LCol Lepage is not venturing far off, accepting a position with the Parliamentary Precinct Branch of PWGSC. He is married to Linda Garant and has two children, Julia and Jean-Olivier. They currently reside in Gatineau, Québec.