LCol Gyuala Gergely, CD

    LCol Gyula Gergely will retire from the CF on 31 Oct 11 after more than 29 years of distinguished and dedicated service to our country.

    LCol Gergely enrolled in the CF in Feb 1983 as part of the regular officers training program (ROTP) and following Canadian Military Engineer training was posted to CFB Halifax, serving as Production officer and requirements officer. Following promotion to Captain, he was posted to CFB North Bay in 1989 followed by CFS Massett where he served as SCEO. Following completion of a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (Queens University) in 1997 he served as a staff officer within ADM(IE) DGRPP where in 1999 he received the head of the public service award for excellence in infrastructure Delivery from the MND. On promotion to Major in 1999, he was posted to CFB Winnipeg as the WCEO where he led the CFB Winnipeg major site rationalization. He was posted to 1 Cdn Air Div / A4 CE in 2003 with responsibility for AF Infra Programs, budgets and processes. In 2005, he was promoted to LCol and posted to 1 Cdn Air Div as A4 CE Infra where he led the infrastructure development to support the Airlift Capability Project (ACP) in Trenton which resulted in an ongoing transformation of 8 Wing. He also oversaw the planning strategies and design of infra installations to support Canadian Task Force Aviation and Aerial Surveillance Operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

    LCol Gergely and his wife Esther MacKinlay have decided to retire to Winnipeg, where they will be actively involved in activities that promote health, fitness, adventure and community. Not wishing to ride a bike and play on a full time basis, Gyula will continue in his career field, looking forward to teaching construction Management at Red River College and part time infrastructure Planning tasks with DCC.

    LCol Gergely retirement date is 31 Oct 11. A retirement lunch is planned in Winnipeg on 4 Nov 11. Anecdotes, comments, well wishes can be forwarded to Mr. Philip Reynolds.