LCol Craig Braddon, CD

    • LCol Craig Braddon, CD

    After more than 31 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, LCol Craig Braddon, CD, retired on 06 February 2019.  A Depart with Dignity ceremony with friends and family will be held in Ottawa on Friday May 3rd 2019 at the Army Officers Mess, OP Bar 3rd floor, between 13h00-15h00. RSVP, letters, and anecdotes may be sent to Maj Ian Creighton ( before April 26th.

    Craig has had the honour to serve across Canada and across the globe in many different capacities and was given the opportunity to see and do things few people even consider possible – and was paid while doing it.  More importantly, he had the privilege of working with, and got to be close friends with, the most talented, dedicated and capable people this country produces.  Craig would like to thank the 1000’s of people who helped him succeed throughout his career and personal life.  He is grateful for all the folks who have stuck by him through the years.  

    Craig would like to really thank Liz, Joshua and Taylor for showing a tremendous level of patience and grit over the years – without you three I would have been lost.  The Braddons will be staying in Kanata for the foreseeable future as Craig has accepted a position within the Department of National Defence at the Strategic Joint Staff.