LCol Allan M. Hoey, CD

    • LCol Allan .M. Hoey, CD

    After 29+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch, LCol Allan M. Hoey, CD (see bio attached) will retire on 2 Feb 2018.

    A Depart with Dignity luncheon will be held on Thursday, 1 Feb 2018 at the RCAF Officers Mess, 158 Gloucester St, Ottawa, at 1300 hrs for 1330 hrs.

    Cost of attending the DwD is $15 which includes sandwiches and contribution towards a retirement gift.

    Please confirm your attendance by 26 Jan to Capt Delorme at<> 613-995-7030 Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to Capt Jake Delorme.

    LCol (Allan) Hoey joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1988 when he was 27 years old after obtaining a chemical engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He completed his basic and engineering training at Chilliwack. After nearly two years in the training system, Allan filled numerous Construction Engineering positions during postings to Wainwright and Greenwood. During his posting in Wainwright, he supported Rendezvous 92.

    Allan was selected for deployment to Op UNPROFOR in 1994 as the engineer for CANLOGBAT. On arrival, he was also put in charge of supply and the cooks. During this tour, he was responsible for the construction and move of the CANLOGBAT to a new location. In 1997 he was given the Flt Comd position at 143 CEF in Lunenburg. Allan still considers this as one of the most fulfilling positions of his career.

    After nearly 11 years in the CAF, Allan was promoted to Major in 1999 and assigned to Trenton where he was the OC Engr for OP ABACUS. After one year, he moved on to Winnipeg to 1 CAD HQ. He spent time as the SSO Force Protection or better known as the NBC Officer. This position allowed him some NATO travel and way too much time in Borden in a very hot and uncomfortable suit.

    In 2002, Allan was given the opportunity to serve as the DCO at 1 ESU in Moncton, NB. This would turn out to be the highlight posting of his career. While at Moncton, Allan was again deployed to Turkey. There he ran the Intermediate Staging Base for Afghanistan. This was all about ships, trucks and planes and was a unique experience for an engineer. Just after five short years at 1 ESU, Allan finally accepted that he would have to leave and move down the road to Gagetown to influence the young CE tradespeople as OC CETS.

    In 2009, being promoted to LCol, Allan could not avoid Ottawa any longer and was posted to CANCOM as the JEngr. During this posting, he completed JCSP (Distance Learning) and worked on OP PODIUM and CADANCE and numerous OP NANOOKs. As the JEngr, he travelled Canada’s north and remembers being snowed in at Resolute Bay for 3 days. During this time he expanded his support knowledge by being the lead support planner for OP NANOOK. With the amalgamation of the COMS to CJOC Allan finished his stay at Star Top as the CJOC JEngr.

    In 2014 Allan would take his final position in his career with the newly reorganized Director General Defence Security. As the Section head of Industrial Security, Allan would develop key Defence Security Policy to ensure that major projects properly identified security requirements and adhered to the policy. This position was extremely challenging and made him realize that the Military Police community is not a bad good group of people.

    Allan and his wife Lorraine will continue to reside in the Ottawa area and enjoy the fruits of a long and successful career while embracing the freedom and peace of mind of a quiet home life cheering the Maple Leafs on to a Stanley Cup. Their daughter Ashley is a vehicle technician in Gagetown and holds the rank of Cpl. Their son Marshall completed his MSc in Chemistry at Dalhousie and is presently seeking employment.