K-Span Kingston

Publication Date 
16 May 2012
By WO H. Andrews, 91 CEF
Three units 91 CEF out of Gander,NL, 144 CEF from Pictou, NS, and 143 CEF Bridgewater, NS, under the umbrella of 14 CES Bridgewater was tasked to construct four K-Spans for the Base Construction Engineers at Kingston, ON. We also had Kingston and Trenton military tradesmen working along side us. A little background info into our world; we are quite similar to any CE unit in the regular forces. We are trained side by side except for the fact that we do not get posted. We get our training from taskings like this, Wing oriented projects and community projects (in order to qualify for this you must be a non-profit organization).
We deployed on 11 April 2012 for Kingston with twelve team members. The team was composed of all trades due to the fact that we are all trained in this area of construction and can deploy to anywhere for such a tasking. For this tasking, a group of twelve was selected, four from all three units; 91 CEF sent WO H.W.T. Andrews I/C for tasking, MCpl H.T. Collins ABM operator, Cpl P.A. Boyd and Pte A.J. Stamp. From 144 CEF Pictou; Sgt R.S. Mitton 2 I/C, MCpl C.V. Brown, Pte A.J. MacPhee and Pte J.A. Walker, and from 143 CEF; Cpl M.D. Carver, Cpl J.R.Conrad , Cpl C.S.Pernell and MCpl M.T. Ellis who was sent back home early for family reasons(congratulation
on your new family member from the Kingston K-Span team).
We hit the ground running with the first couple of days getting our site organized and all material and equipment accounted for. That following Monday we started construction on the first K-Span and over the following four weeks we finished all four 50' x 75' building structures. Like all projects we encountered bad weather and lots of it, equipment problems as well as material supply problems. Things always work out and the team worked extra hard to get the task completed. Enjoy all the storage space ESS Kingston.