Sgt John JD Imeson, CD

    Sergeant John Imeson joined the Canadian Forces on 10 October 1984 and started Basic Training at CFB Cornwallis on 12 October of that year. After completion of basic training John arrived at CFB Chilliwack in early January 1985 where he started TQ 3 Training, which was completed in June of that year. From there John was posted to 22 Field Squadron CFB Gagetown, on 06 June 1985, while in 22 FD, John completed various exercises in Norway, as well as RV 87. In August 1988, John was posted back to CFB Chilliwack for his 042 Heavy Equipment operator course which completed in December 1988. After completing the Heavy Equipment course, John was employed with 6 ESR during RV 89 where he was a part of the Yellow Route Construction team, as well as operating the excavator for numerous units during the exercise. July of 89 he was posted to AES Baden Germany. February 1992 saw John attached to 4 CER as a member of the UNPROFOR contingent. He was with the first UN tour in the former Yugoslavia.

    In November 92 John was posted back to 22 Field Squadron CFB Gagetown (which later became 4 ESR). While at 4 ESR, John completed his grader course, CLC, 6A, and Armored Engineer Operator’s course. During this time in 4 ESR he was employed as a Heavy Equip Operator, an Instructor at the Armoured Engineer school, Heavy Equipment Troop Recce, 42 Sqn SQ, and EET Troop Warrant.

    In July 2002 John was posted to CFSME as an instructor in HET. While a member of HET, John was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to be an exchange instructor with the US Army Corps of Engineers, in their Engineer school at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Other positions that Sgt Imeson held while at the School were as an instructor with Gap Crossing G&S, and his final and most challenging position, as a Standards Representative. While at the school Sgt imeson also completed all his conversion training and Troop Warrants course (6B).

    On July 6 1985 John made one of the best decisions of his career and married his wife, Eilene (NEE HARRIETHA) formerly of Glace Bay Cape Breton NS, and on September 20th 89, Eilene gave birth to their son Jonah in Lahr, Germany.

    John and family will be staying in the Oromocto as he is now looking forward to pursuing his second career with DND as a civilian equipment operator with Base Transport.