CME Fun Run 2017

Q-Tips from RP Ops Gp comprised of Maj Jessie Knocklby, Maj P.A. Chéné, LCol Sarah House, Maj Pierre Muscat-Drago, and Col Martin Gros-Jean. They finished in a time of 25m30s.
Publication Date 
22 Nov 2017

Over 100 people, both civilian and military, working within engineering branches around the National Capital Region took part in the CME Fun Run on Friday 20th October 2017. The CME Fun Run is annual event that coincides with the CF Sports day. We take advantage of this opportunity to get all the Engineers from across the National Capital Region together in a friendly competition. As the Engineering branch is has a wide breath of expertise, we are literally “ubiquic”-itous, this event brings us together to promote comradery, renew existing relationships, and brings esprit de corps.

Participants gathered at Confederation Park to run 5 km through down town Ottawa or walk 3.5 km along the Rideau Canal. Those running the 5 km route did so individually or in teams of five. Teams wore distinguishing attire, and there were even some Halloween costumes this year. As per tradition, the OPI for next year’s Fun Run was chosen at the end of the Race. It is confirmed that RP OPS Central will be the OPI for next year (2018).

The coveted Red Runner trophy was won by The Q-Tips, a team from RP Ops Gp consisting of Maj Knockleby, Maj Muscat Drago, LCol House, Col Gros-Jean and Maj Chéné. The team also received a $25 gift card each to either Sport Check or Starbucks.