FR3 Gordon Poole, CD

    • FR3 Gordon Poole, CD

    Gordon joined the CAF on June 1975 and did his recruit training at CFB Cornwallis, NS. In Sept 75 he was posted to CFB Petawawa ON to the 8th Canadian Hussars during which time he completed his Combat Leaders Course, was promoted to MCpl and did a tour of Cyprus under the UN mandate. In 1980 he submitted his LOTP to change trades to firefighter.

    In Oct 1982 he proceeded to CFB Borden for his TQ 3 firefighter and upon completing his course he was posted to CFM Moose Jaw. During his posting in Moose Jaw he met his wife to be Mary and completed his TQ5 course.

    In 1987 he was posted to HMCS Margaree, where he was promoted to MCpl in 1988 and was transferred to HMCS Fraser. In 1990 he was posted to CFB Edmonton for three year when it was an air base and did two years as a fire inspector and completed my QL6A course.

    In 1993 he was posted to CFB Ottawa where shortly after arriving the government announced that CFB Ottawa would be closing. In 1995 was posted to CFB Winnipeg for one year and was promoted to the rank of Sgt which at that time there was no Sgt position in Winnipeg.

    After a short posting in Winnipeg, he was posted in 1996 to CFB Edmonton when the base was changed from Air Force base to an Army base. In 1997 he went to Bosnia with a task force from CFB Edmonton 1 CER where he severed for six months as the only firefighter in theatre for four camps.

    Upon his return he was sent to CFB Borden to complete his 6B course, he then became the CFI for two years he then went back on crew. In Aug 2000 he was going to be posted back to the ships in Halifax, so he decided that it was time to retire from the military.

    After retiring he worked for Costco and Edmonton Public School Board then he was recruited by ATCO Frontec to be one of the Fire Chiefs in Bosnia. After 2 months working for Frontec, he applied for job competition in CFB Edmonton and was hired in Jan 2001 as an EL3, reclassified in 2002 to an FR2 and reclassified in 2009 to FR3 and CFI until June 2021.

    Gord and his wife Mary will be staying in Edmonton and they are planning on doing as much travelling as possible after COVID get addressed. He has no regrets about joining the military and enjoyed the majority of his time serving the country in both capacities, military and as a civilian.