WO/Adj Shawn Taylor, CD

    • WO/Adj Shawn Taylor, CD

    Après plus de 31+ ans de bons et loyaux services au sein des Forces armées canadiennes (FAC), de la Branche du GMC et du Service d'incendie de le Défense nationale, Adj Shawn Taylor, CD , prendra sa retraite le 14 fév 2018. Adj Taylor n'aura pas de cérémonie de départ dans la dignité.  Les anecdotes ou souhaits de retraite peuvent être envoyés au BPR par courriel. BPR : Adjum Rodney Boskovitch, courriel Rodney.Boskovitch@forces.gc.ca<mailto:Rodney.Boskovitch@forces.gc.ca>

    WO Shawn Taylor joined the CAF in 1981 and completed his Basic Training and Infantryman Training at CFB Petawawa. Upon successful completion of his courses in July 81, he was posted to 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment in London. He remained with 1st Battalion until 28 November 1986. During this time, he had the unique opportunity to serve four years with Mortar Platoon. Tired of humping a rucksack and sleeping outdoors, he decided to complete an Occupational Transfer into the Firefighting trade. Upon completion of his QL3 training, he was posted to CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia filling the position of crewman from 8 February 1987 until 27 July 1990.

    In 1990 he was posted to CFB Esquimalt British Columbia and served onboard HMCS Annapolis, HMCS Provider and worked at the Damage Control School. During his sea cruises he participated in Rim Pac and numerus exercises. In 1993, he was posted to 8 Wing Trenton, and remained there until 1997. In 1997 he was posted to 22 Wing as a Platoon Chief until July 2001 when he was promoted to MCpl.

    In 2001 he was posted again to FA (A) where he sailed again on the HMCS Regina and HMCS Calgary. During his sea posting he participated in Exercise Op Apollo in Persian Gulf. In 2004, he was posted to JNBCD Coy in Decontamination Platoon at 8 Wing Trenton. He was than promoted to Sgt in late 2006 and posted to 22 Wing North Bay as Wing Fire Chief. Late 2007 he was posted to CFFCA, as a CBRN and Hazmat Instructor. In 2009-2013 transfer to Supplementary Reserves. In 2013 transferred back to Regular force.

    In APS 2013 he received a posting to CFB Comox, British Columbia as a DPC. He remained at this position until 2016 and was promoted to WO. In APS 2016 he received a posting to 8 Wing Trenton as a Platoon Chief.

    Shawn plans to relocate to southern Ontario and is looking forward to moving closer to immediate family.