WO Corey O'Blenis, CD

    Warrant Officer Corey O’Blenis will be retiring after 21+ years of enjoyable and rewarding service to the Canadian Forces, 15 Jul 2011.

    He enrolled in the CF in Jun 1989 as a Pilot under the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) to attend College Militaire Royale de St-Jean (CMR). As an Officer Cadet he completed 1 year of engineering studies at CMR and transferred from ROTP to the Officer Candidate Training Plan (OCTP). After the unsuccessful completion of the Air Crew Selection process for Pilot, he transferred to the Armoured Corps.

    He attended Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC) and graduated in Dec 1990 and was posted to CFB Gagetown to begin Phase 2, 3 and 4 Armoured Officer Training from Jan to Aug 1991. Upon completion of Phase 4 he was promoted to 2nd Lt. He completed a year long Second Language (SL) Course in St-Jean. He was promoted to Lt during his SL course and was posted to the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) (LdSH(RC)) in Calgary in July 1992. He voluntarily released in Apr 1994 and joined the King’s Own Calgary Regiment (KOCR) Armoured Corps Reserve.

    He re-enrolled in the Regular Force as Armoured and was posted to the LdSH(RC) in Edmonton in Apr 1996. WO O’Blenis was deployed to the Former Yugoslavia in 1997 with Recce Sqn attached to 2 PPCLI Battle Group. He also deployed to Quebec for the “Ice Storms” with the same Sqn in 1998. He deployed once more to the Former Yugoslavia in 2000 with Recce Sqn attached to 3 PPCLI Battle Group.

    During his tour in the former Yugoslavia in 2000, he received notice of OT to PH Tech. Between Apr 2001 and Nov 2001, he completed his QL3 PH Tech course. After this course he was posted to CFB Cold Lake and completed his QL4, QL5, and QL6 and a tour to the Golan. While posted there he was promoted to MCpl and then again to Sgt. In Aug 2008 he was posted to Engineer Services in St. Jean, and performed the duties of Contracts Inspector, Contracts Coordinator and the Contracts Officer. His SL abilities were enhanced because of this posting. In Jun 2010 he was promoted to WO and posted to CFB Edmonton, Engineering Svcs Coy in Jul 2010 where he assumed the duties of Contracts O and Contracts 2IC. During his time in Edmonton WO O’Blenis also completed the Intermediate Leadership Program.

    Some notable career accomplishments were; “Top Candidate” on the Coyote Gunner’s Course with the LdSH(RC) in Jul, 1999, “Peer Award” on the Plumbing and Heating Apprentice Course at CFSME in Apr to Nov 2001, “Peer Award” on the Plumbing and Heating Journeyman Course at CFSME in Apr to Oct 2004 and “Top Candidate” on the Plumbing and Heating Supervisor’s Course at CFSME in Sep to Nov 2005.

    WO O’Blenis has applied for a position with the Public Service at ASU Calgary, in a Contracts position. Corey, wife Rhea and their two girls, Kayla and Alyssa will be moving to Calgary in mid Jul 2011. There will be a retirement luncheon, 17 Jun 2011 at Boston Pizza, Namao Center.

    Please RSVP and send all congratulatory messages, anecdotes, photos and best wishes to Sgt V.J.M. Lachance: Vincent.LaChance@forces.gc.ca NLT: 10 Jun 2011.