Maj Uwe Spätling, CD

    Major Uwe Spätling retired from the Regular Force on 26 November 2007. Maj Spätling has transferred to the Primary Reserve after more than 35 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers.

    Major Spätling enrolled in the CF in August 1971 and studied at the Collège Militaire Royale (CMR) in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the Royal Military College (RMC) in Kingston, graduating with a Baccalaureate in Engineering (Chemical Engineering - Nuclear Option) in July 1976, as a Military Engineer.

    He served in several posts within Canada and overseas including: Cornwallis, NS; Dana, SK; Scientific & Technical Intelligence Analyst in NDHQ Ottawa; UNDOF at Camp Ziouani in the Golan Heights (Israel); Lahr, Germany; Trenton, ON; and, numerous DND Equipment Project Management Offices (PMOs) including: Engine Test Facilities (ETF), PMO Airbus (Strategic Airlift Capability), PMO UTTH (Griffin Utility Tactical Transport Helicopter), PMO CSH (Cormorant Canadian Search-andRescue (SAR) Helicopter).

    In 1997, Major Spätling took his release from the Regular Force for the first time round and worked as the Chief Engineer for a well-known four-star hotel in downtown Toronto. In 1998, he accepted a Class C reserve position in ADM(IE) and after four years transferred back to the Regular Force in September 2002. He has spent the past five years in ADM(Mat) on staff with PMO MHP (Maritime Helicopter Project). Major Spätling has been a Professional Engineer (P.Eng. - Ontario) since 1982 and is currently serving as a Class B reservist within ADM(Mat) / DGMPD (Air). He was awarded the SSM (with NATO Bar), the UNDOF medal, the UN Peacekeeping medal and the Canadian Forces Decoration (with clasp).

    His wife Yupin and their three boys, Phirun (13), Kevin (5) and Martin (3) will continue to enjoy their new house in the Ottawa area - Stonebridge (near Manotick).

    An informal Retirement Luncheon and Depart With Dignity ceremony will be held in his honour on Thursday, March 20th at the RCAF Officer's Mess (Astra Lounge), 158 Gloucester Street, commencing at 1200 hours. A nominal contribution of $12.50 will be required in advance for the cost of the luncheon, gift and gratuities. Congratulations msgs and anecdotes can be sent via e-mail to Capt PA Perfitt (