Sgt William Lowry, CD

    Living in Toronto, a young Private Will Lowry joined the Infantry Reserves in the summer of 1988, and served with the 48th Highlanders. In August of 1991, after four years of service, MCpl Lowry joined the regular force.

    Now “Private” Lowry, Will began his regular force career in style when he attended the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) Battle-School at CFB Petawawa.

    Will graduated from the Battle-School and was posted to the First Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) in London Ontario. Will spent the next 9 years with 1 RCR, serving with Charles Coy (3 years) and Anti-Armour Platoon (6 years). Will was eventually promoted to Cpl and while with 1 RCR, completed tours in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

    In 2000, Will applied for and was accepted to MCE as part of the now infamous 24. After his QL5 course, Cpl Lowry went on to serve in Geo Support Sqn, was promoted to MCpl and later finished his Geo career as a Sergeant in Engineering. While a member of MCE, Will completed tours in both Kabul and Kandahar.

    Will was eventually forced to take a medical release, effective summer of 2009, and is now working for Leading Edge Geomatics, out of Fredericton, NB. Will’s wife’s name is Mary and he has two boys, William and Phillip. They have joined Will in Fredericton and could not be with us today.

    We, the members of the Mapping and Charting Establishment, would like to wish Will and his family “Farewell and Best Wishes”. “Good Luck” Will as you begin the next chapter of your career, with Leading Edge Geomatics.